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Power goes out again on new railway

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More than 30 bullet trains were brought to a halt by a power failure on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway on Tuesday.

That marked the second time a power loss has caused travel delays in the 12 days since the train began operating on June 30.

Railway authorities said an electrical failure occurred in the power grid system near Suzhou, a city in Anhui province, at 11 am on Tuesday.

In a short news release, the authorities said the glitch had been dealt with by 1 pm and that travel on the railway had resumed soon afterward.

The mishap occurred just two days after another power loss on the line.

Thunderstorms on Sunday evening disrupted the electrical supply to the railway's Qufu-Zaozhuang section, causing 19 southbound trains to be delayed.

In response to the troubles on Tuesday, railway bureaus in Shanghai and Beijing apologized on their official micro blogs and refunded money to passengers who had canceled their trips.

Even so, the authorities stopped short of explaining the cause of the power failure.

According to accounts railway passengers posted to micro blogs, the power loss led to at least four trains being temporarily stranded in places where there was no bad weather on Tuesday.

Wu Junyong, a professor specializing in railroad electrical engineering at Beijing Jiaotong University, told China Daily: "Judging from a picture posted at Sina.com.cn, an overhead electrical line was burnt, which caused the trains to halt."

The photo, though, offered no indication of how the damage had occurred to the line. Possible causes of the malfunction include an inadequate installation of the wire or the use of poor-quality wire.

"This is an equipment malfunction, severer than the incident on Sunday, when the train cut off its own power supply to protect itself (after lightning hit the overhead lines)", he said.

The malfunction on Tuesday has generated a new round of online discussion and suspicion about the railway, which opened one year ahead of schedule.

Some netizens and experts responded by calling for tolerance and patience.

Wu said that it is common for malfunctions to occur when trains first start to run on a high-speed railway. Such railways are complicated operations and cannot be expected to run free of glitches until various adjustments have been made to it over time.

"The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail stretches for 1,318 km and crosses four provinces and three municipalities," he said. "That malfunctions would occur on such a long line when it has been operating for less than two weeks is inevitable and understandable.

"Such malfunctions will become less common after it has been operating for a while longer."


1) What was the cause of the power outage?

2) How long has the train been in operation?

3) How long were people stranded?


1) A Glitch in the power grid

2) 12 days

3) 2 hours

(中国日报网英语点津 Julie 编辑)

Power goes out again on new railway

Power goes out again on new railway

Todd Balazovic is a reporter for the Metro Section of China Daily. Born in Mineapolis Minnesota in the US, he graduated from Central Michigan University and has worked for the China Daily for one year.