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DPRK efforts to restart Six-Party Talks lauded

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China on Monday reiterated its support for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's efforts to improve relations with the United States and the Republic of Korea.

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang expressed support for Pyongyang amid renewed hopes of progress in restarting Six-Party Talks on the DPRK's nuclear disarmament. DPRK and US negotiators held talks on Monday in Geneva on how to revive the long-stalled negotiations.

China supported the DPRK's efforts in boosting the US-DPRK dialogue, the improvement of North-South relations and the resumption of the Six-Party Talks, the Xinhua News Agency quoted Li as saying.

It was in the interests of all parties concerned for Pyongyang to improve ties with Seoul andWashington, avoiding instability on the peninsula, Li said.

The DPRK should seek an "early outcome from the dialogue, and the Six-Party Talks should be restarted as soon as possible to advance the denuclearization of the peninsula", he added.

The talks, launched in 2003, involve China, the DPRK, the US, the ROK, Japan and Russia.

China has maintained close contact and held consultations with the relevant parties on easing the situation and pushing the Six-Party Talks forward.

Yet the talks have been suspended since December 2008, and the Korean Peninsula has periodically experienced heightened tension since then, including an exchange of artillery firelast November.

Yet recently a flurry of diplomatic efforts has rekindled hopes of restarting the stalled talks, especially as DPRK leader Kim Jong-il repeated his readiness to return "without any preconditions" in a recent interview with the media.

On Monday, DRPK and US negotiators began a second round of direct talks following ones held in July.

While analysts expect no breakthrough during the meeting, they see engagement between the two parties as a positive development.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu on Monday said Beijing hoped the talks "will help enhance mutual confidence and understanding".

She also hopes that the engagement will create conditions for resolving problems facing the restart of the Six-Party Talks.

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DPRK efforts to restart Six-Party Talks lauded

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DPRK efforts to restart Six-Party Talks lauded

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