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Syria faces new Arab deadline on observers

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The Arab League on Sunday awaited Syria's response to a deadline to allow in observers to monitor the country's unrest, a day after it slapped sanctions on senior Syrian officials.

The new deadline came as the death toll for Saturday and Sunday rose to at least 28 people across Syria, and after the UN Human Rights Council accused Damascus of "gross violations" of human rights.

However, an official in the Qatari capital Doha, where the ultimatum was issued late on Saturday, said no Syrian representative was expected in the Gulf state during the day to sign an accord.

The official, who requested anonymity, said that Syria had asked for "new clarifications and further amendments to be made to the protocol which was proposed" to send observers.

However, if Syrian officials "still want to sign, they can come tomorrow to Cairo", the official added.

An Arab League ministerial committee meeting in Doha on Saturday imposed a ban on travel to Arab states on 19 top Syrian officials in addition to setting the new deadline to accept observers.

On the list of officials banned from travel to Arab states and whose assets are being frozen by those countries are Assad's brother Maher, telecoms magnate Rami Makhluf, and military and intelligence figures.

Saturday's meeting also decided to cut by half all Arab flights to and from Syria effective from Dec 15, including those of the national carrier Syrian Air, a statement said.


1. What was the death toll for Saturday and Sunday?

2. What is the capital of Qatar?

3. When will flights to and from Syria be cut by half?


1. 28

2. Doha

3. Dec 15

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Syria faces new Arab deadline on observers

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Syria faces new Arab deadline on observers

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