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Violence in Syria escalates

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Violence in Syria has become more serious than the levels seen before the cease-fire agreement in April, as world powers are going to meet in Geneva on Saturday to find ways of ending the violence, said sources of United Nations on Wednesday.

Analysts said the world powers may still have different opinions on the possibility of political transition in Syria, as the intensified tension in Syria made it more difficult to implement the six-point plan initiated by the United Nations-Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan.

The implementation of Annan's plan is facing great difficulties now, said Yao Kuangyi, former Chinese ambassador to Turkey and an expert on Middle East studies.

World powers may reach an agreement on political resolution of the Syrian issue, but they may have difference in the political transition in the country, which is proposed by the US, but mainly opposed by Russia, Yao said.

Overthrowing the rule of President Bashar al-Assad is part of Washington's interest and Middle East policies, but Russia's interest cannot be guaranteed without Assad, Ren Weidong, an expert on global politics with China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, told Phoenix media group.

China should strongly oppose military intervention to solve the Syrian issue, Ren said.

Gunmen raided the headquarters of a pro-government Syrian TV station early on Wednesday, killing seven employees, kidnapping others and demolishing buildings, officials said. The government blamed terrorists and described the killings as a "massacre".


1. When was the cease-fire agreed?

2. Where will world powers meet on Saturday?

3. How many people died in the raid on a Syrian TV station?


1. April.

2. Geneva.

3. Seven.

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Violence in Syria escalates

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Violence in Syria escalates

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