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Libya's Olympic chief kidnapped

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The president of Libya's Olympic Committee, Nabil al-Alam, was kidnapped by gunmen in the center of Tripoli and taken to a secret location, a committee official said on Monday.

"Nine gunmen posing as members of the Libyan army removed Mr Alam from his car in the center of the city at around 3 pm and took him to an unknown location," Alam's office chief Arafat Juwan said.

The army and interior ministry were not aware of any arrests, he added.

Alam's abduction comes a few days before the planned departure of Libya's five representatives to the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, which are set to begin on July 27.

"They told him he was needed and he had to go with them. He asked if he could take his phone and laptop with him and then the cars sped away with him," Juwan said.

Libyan athletes will be participating in judo, the marathon, the women's 100-meter dash and weightlifting.

Before last year's revolt that toppled the government of Muammar Gadhafi, the Libyan Olympic Committee was headed by the strongman's eldest son Mohammed, who has since sought refuge in Algeria with other family members.


1. Where did the kidnapping take place?

2. When will the Olympics begin?

3. What events will Libyan athletes compete in?


1. Tripoli.

2. July 27.

3. Judo, marathon, women's 100-meter dash and weightlifting.

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Libya's Olympic chief kidnapped

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Libya's Olympic chief kidnapped

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