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Nobel winners aim to inspire Chinese youth

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Top Chinese scientists, who have traditionally focused on research and teaching at universities, are being encouraged by Nobel Prize winners and other top scientists from around the world to inspire young people and increase their interest in science.

Nobel Prize winners Erwin Neher of Germany and Shing-Tung Yau of the US gave speeches on Saturday about brain research and advances in science at the 16th meeting of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology. Physicist Douglas Osheroff, a Fields Medal winner

Harvard University, shared his thoughts on modern mathematics.

"Such talks are common in Germany, but fresh to me in China," said Erwin Neher, winner of the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for 1991.

Neher said it's important to encourage young generations to follow their own curiosity and not just "not just go alone with usual things that other people did".

Popular science was one of the main topics at this year's meeting, to which 108 Chinese academicians, four Nobel Prizewinners and about 4,000 domestic and foreign scientists from 25 countries were invited.

"It is the largest-scale meeting in the last 16 years and involved more experts and scientists than in previous years, especially those from foreign countries, said Shen Aimin, director of the association.

Thirty-five Chinese academicians have conducted research this year in Yunnan province to support its clean energy and biotech development as well as environmental protection.

The China Association for Science and Technology is the largest national non-governmental organization of scientific and technological workers in China. The organization maintains close ties with millions of scientists, engineers and other people working in the fields of science and technology.

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Nobel winners aim to inspire Chinese youth

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Nobel winners aim to inspire Chinese youth

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