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Calling all beer lovers

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After a successful debut in 2013, Munich Oktoberfest is returning to Beijing.

The Aug 15 to Aug 30 celebration of beer and Bavarian culture will be held at the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing.

In addition to German beer and German food, festival goers will be treated to authentic Bavarian music and dance performances. The whole event is housed under an eleven thousand square meter tent, the largest in the world

Chinese rock band Black Panther, rock singer songwriter Zheng Jun and pop star Jike Junyi will perform at the opening ceremony on Friday Aug 15.

As the world’s largest beer festival with a history of more than two hundred years Munich Oktoberfest is held in Munich Germany from late September to the first weekend of October. The whole affair lasts about sixteen days.

The festival in Beijing is the only Oktoberfest outside of Germany to be authorized by the Munich Oktoberfest committee.

More than 200,000 people attended last year’s event in Beijing and about 300,000 people are expected to visit the festival this year.

The story is broadcast by Eric Jou.

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