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I'm boring or bored?

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How's it going folks? I hope that you've had a great time welcoming 2013 and saying farewell to 2012. Have you made any new year's resolution? I wish you a happy new year! I asked one of the student about how she spent her new year's eve, and she said, ' I was boring!' I know she wanted to say, 'I was bored.' Many English learners confuse the ~ing(present participle) with ~ed(past participle) when they are used as adjectives expressing emotions as the above example mentions.

Let's take a look at this common issue in detail.

The present participle(~ing) is used to show who or what causes the feeling. So in the first example, I am boring, really means I make other people feel bored. May be I don't talk much or do not have any interesting topics to explore. Whatever the reason is, I see people yawning in my company.

The past participle(~ed) is used to show who or what 'has' or experiences the feeling. So when we say I am bored, I am not interested in whatever is happening around me. May be I am in a boring class(The teacher causes me to be bored) or I don't have a good movie to watch at home and there's nothing interesting on t.v.

This is a very common mistake that results in saying the opposite of what she/he wants to say. Memorize the difference in ~ing and ~ed structures and be careful when you use them.

Read this short conversation for more understanding now;

A: I heard you went on a blind date last Sunday. How did that go?

B; It was boring because all she talked about was how and why she broke up with her ex.

A: What did you talk about?

B: Nothing much. I am sure she thinks I am boring and she never called me again.

Share these questions with a partner;

~When was the last time you were embarrassed?

~What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

~What do you usually do when you are bored?

~What is something that you find very boring?

Similarly practice;

~What subject do you find confusing?

~What do you find 'disappointing'?

~When was the last time you were worried?

That's all for today. Hope This entry is not 'boring' and you aren't 'bored'

Students are welcome to contact me at rizteacher@yahoo.com for further guidance. I will be pleased to answer their questions.


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I'm boring or bored?

Riz Qamar is an English teacher in China. He was born and raised in India, grew up in a tiny wee village. He graduated in English Literature and Education as major subjects and became a teacher.