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Colors of the Life

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Let’s talk about colors and the idioms which are related to the colors. As we know that idioms are natural to native English speakers. They are confusing because idioms don’t mean what the words say. You cannot literally translate English idioms into another language. Read the passage below carefully and later you will find how we can use idioms to express ideas and feelings.

The origin of many idioms is a grey area. If you’ve been feeling blue because idioms have left you browned off, you will be tickled pink by reading this article. Don’t be yellow when it comes to learning English color idioms. I am giving you the green light to understand them. Idioms lesson like this come around once in a blue moon. I can tell you about English color idioms until I am blue in the face but you have to make an effort to remember them. You will soon be able to do the extras with flying colors. Your friends will be green with envy. There are no red herrings in this lesson but it’s black and white.

Did you notice that I’ve used a lot of color idioms already?

Now I am going to explain to you what they mean.

Grey area

An area of a subject or question that is difficult to put into a particular category because it is not clearly defined and may have connections or associations with more than one category.

Browned off

Bored/Fed up., and it also means Very angry.

When she locked me out, I was really browned off.

Tickled pink

Very much pleased or entertained.

I was tickled pink to have you visit us.

To be yellow

To be coward. As in,’ He has a bright yellow streak running down his back.’

Give somebody the green light

To give permission to someone to do something or for something to happen.

As in, ‘They have just been given the green light to build two new super markets in the region.’

(Until you are) blue in the face

For a long time.

As in,’You can argue yourself blue in the face, but it isn’t going to change my opinion.

Once in a blue moon

To do something once in a blue moon is to do it very rarely. ‘That company puts on a good performance once in a blue moon.

With flying colors


Kevin came home with flying colors after the match.

Be green with envy

To wish very much that you had something that another person has.

Michelle is going off to the south of France for three weeks and we are all green with envy.

Red herring

A piece of information or suggestion introduced to draw attention away from the real facts of the situation.

The mystery novel has a couple of red herrings that keep readers off guard.

Black and white

A very clear choice that causes no confusion.

‘When you’re flying a plane, it’s black and white-you can’t be wrong, you’ve got to be right.’

It’s time to say bye for now but you don’t have to feel blue because I’ll be back soon!

Until then,


Riz. Teacher.

Students are welcome to contact me at rizteacher@yahoo.com for further guidance. I will be pleased to answer their questions.


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Colors of the Life

About the author:

Colors of the Life

Riz Qamar is an English teacher in China. He was born and raised in India, grew up in a tiny wee village. He graduated in English Literature and Education as major subjects and became a teacher.