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What's wrong with the heart?

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Our heart is a strange organ! It sinks, it aches, it breaks, it even melts sometimes and of course it beats at all times.A heart-to-heart deep emotional conversation where each tells the other how they feel can be an overwhelming experience. You can also win a special place in someone's heart. Remember the block buster movie ' Titanic'? In this James Cameron's flick, Jack( Leonardo Dicaprio) wins a special place in Rose'(Kate Winslet) heart. He captures her heart i.e. she falls in love with him. Later, the movie gets tragic when the hero dies, leaving the girl with an aching heart(very sad). Jack remains close to her heart even after his death.

Heart can also be lonely!

' Riz is another lonely heart, looking for romance and someone to love.' ( Am I?...may be not!) Are you a lonely heart? I think you need to express your heart if you are. Speak your feelings out loud. I am sure that you have a heart of gold, you are a person who possesses loving kindness, sympathy and tender heart for others. You are a caring person and I've heard a birdie said," Your heart is in the right place."

Do you know that your heart goes out as well?

'My heart goes out for the earthquake victims,when i recall Sichuan 2008. Thousands of residents had lost their lives! I feel so deeply for them, and the young kids who lost their parents. Our hearts go out for them.

I studied English literature as a major. It includes drama. We had performed a couple of Shakespeare's plays on the stage. I still remember, 'To be or not to be....' by heart. Our drama teacher made me act it out so many times that I can still perform that because I remember it by heart.

...And a heavy heart now!

No, It's not about the weight but it expresses very sad feelings. I left my home with a heavy heart, walked away, carrying my luggage, tears in my eyes, to the airport to seek life in China. (only an example, I was excited in fact)

Have you noticed what strange things our heart does? I hope so.

I will show up with more topics.......errr....and thanks for your emails and compliments. You're very kind-hearted!

Have a good day,

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What's wrong with the heart?

Riz Qamar is an English teacher in China. He was born and raised in India, grew up in a tiny wee village. He graduated in English Literature and Education as major subjects and became a teacher.