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Emotions and feelings idioms

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Sometimes, we don't feel up to do something. I don't feel up to going to the social gatherings these days. This means that I do not have the enthusiasm and energy to go to the parties nowadays. Similarly you can say,' I don't feel up to watching news anymore. I'd prefer documentaries instead And.' I wasn't feeling up to going to work this morning when I got up.' You can ask someone,'Do you feel up to watching some movie at my place?' Change the venue with any place you want to invite someone and practice this phrase next time.

Most of the English learners are tongue-tied when they find it difficult to express themselves.If you are tongue-tied, you have difficulty in expressing yourself because you are nervous or embarrassed. So stop being tongue-tied and practice as much as you can.

All of us take a fancy to someone in life. Look at Paul's example; I think Paul has taken the fancy to the new intern! If you take a fancy to someone or something, you develop a fondness for them or begin to like them. It's not exactly love but a stage before which can lead to falling in love later. Watch out for such moments! It's a signal that you're likely to drown in love soon.

And there comes the time in life when you swallow your pride, you accept something humiliating or embarrassing, for example having to admit that you are wrong or you have less knowledge that you thought as the example explains,' when Jill failed the exam, she had to swallow her pride and repeat the course.'

I weighed 72 kg when I first arrived in China. I was in good shape. I took up smoking and ate junk food. I stopped going to the gym or running. I lost a lot of weight during nine months. I look like a bag of bones now. I really am in bad shape. I must change my life style and work out at the gym. To say that someone is bag of bones means that they are extremely thin.

Do you ever get cold feet? I think we all do at times. If you get cold feet about something, you begin to hesitate about doing it, you are no longer sure whether you want to do it or not.

Example; I wanted to enter the competition but at the last minute, I got cold feet.

Deep down; If you talk about how someone is, or feels, deep down, you are describing what they are like or what they really feel deep inside, behind the outward appearance as in the sentence; he appears to be indifferent to his success, but deep down, he's very happy.

Happy learning!

Students are welcome to contact me at rizteacher@yahoo.com for further guidance. I will be pleased to answer their questions.


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Emotions and feelings idioms

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Emotions and feelings idioms

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