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爱丽丝(米娅·华希科沃斯卡 Mia Wasikowska 饰)为了拯救挚友疯帽子(约翰尼·德普 Johnny Depp 饰)而重返仙境,她与白皇后(安妮·海瑟薇 Anne Hathaway 饰)及一群老朋友一起,展开了一段璀璨华美、永生难忘的奇幻冒险。然而除了邪恶的红皇后之外,爱丽丝还要面对另一位劲敌——时间(萨莎·拜伦·科恩 Sacha Baron Cohen 饰),他是传说中无人能击败的角色!爱丽丝要如何才能扭转乾坤,拯救疯帽子和仙境世界?



1. Captain, the Malay pirates have us cornered. 船长,马来西亚海盗把我们逼到了绝境。

2. Dead ahead, full sails! 直驶,满帆!

3. Captain! The ship will run aground. 船长,船会搁浅的。

4. Splice the mainbrace, lads! 痛饮一番,弟兄们。

5. Must you always be so headstrong? 你怎么老是这么倔强?

6. Time is against you, and you're being careless with it. 你的时间已经不多了,而你对此毫不在意。

7. A great man, no doubt, but one touched in the head. 他当然是个好人,但脑瓜很笨。

8. He's not all he's cracked up to be. 看来他不是别人吹嘘的那样。

9. You're bonkers, aren't you? 你是疯了吧?

10. I shall wreak a terrible revenge! 我会残忍地报复!

11. Your attempts at mockery fall flat. 你们的嘲弄是徒劳的。

12. I think you look rather fetching without your schnozzle. 我觉得你没了鼻子特别漂亮。


1. The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.

2. You can't just make things however you want them to be.

3. It appears the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

4. I used to think Time was a thief, stealing everything I loved. But I see now that you give before you take. And every day is a gift.

5. I may not be able to change the past, but I can learn from it.

6. Time and tide wait for no man. Or, indeed, woman.



Alice: Hatter? Hatter? It's you! You're you again!

Tarrant(Mad Hatter): Well, if I'm not, I wish I was. Have we met?

Alice: Yes! Well, no. I mean, not yet.

Tarrant: It's funny... I feel like I should know you.

Alice: We have met once, when I was younger.

Tarrant: I'm afraid I don't recall.

Alice: That's because it hasn't happened yet.

Tarrant: When will it happen?

Alice: Years from now. When you're older.

Tarrant: I'll meet you when you're younger and I'm older?

Alice: I realize it doesn't make much sense.

Tarrant: Makes perfect sense to me. I'm Tarrant.

Alice: I know. I'm Alice.

Tarrant: Alice, you seem to have time all mixed up.

Alice: He's not mixed up at all. Actually he's quite angry with me.

Tarrant: You're bonkers, aren't you?

Alice: That's what I've been told.

Tarrant: All the best ones are.

Alice: Listen, I know it sounds strange, but I need to find your family.

Tarrant: Oh, well, you're in luck. Right this way.

March Hare: Wonderful!

Cheshire Cat: Indeed.

King: Congratulations, dear Mirana, on your coming of age. And now...the heir. The crown for the Princess Iracebeth.

Iracebeth: Ignorant peasants. Quiet! What are you doing, you idiot? Put it on my head! You're making me look stupid. Get on with it! You incompetent imbecile! (Mad Hatter breaks into a laugh and everybody have a good laugh) Silence! The next person who laughs will never laugh again!

Queen: Iracebeth, please! However would you stop people from laughing?

Woman: Put a bag on her head.

Iracebeth: Put a bag on your head! Put a bag on all of your heads! Yes! We'll sew up your lips, carve your tongues, cut off your ears, off with you! Just off, off, off with their... Off with their...

King: Iracebeth, enough! Iracebeth, I had always hoped that you would one day show the necessary qualities to become the queen you were born to be. I realize now that day will never come. People of Witzend, upon my death, my crown will pass...to the Princess Mirana.

Mirana: Father, no.

Iracebeth: But that's not fair! I'm the eldest!

King: You are unfit to rule, Iracebeth.

Iracebeth: I hate you. I hate you all! And I shall not ever forget you, you sniggering Hightopps! No, I shall wreak a terrible revenge! Vile. Slow.

Mirana: Racie.

Iracebeth: Don't "Racie" me! You started it. Why don't you tell them the truth? I didn't think so. No one loves me. No one loves me!

Mirana: Racie.

Queen: Iracebeth!

Tarrant's father: If you are to be a hatter worthy of the Hightopp name, you must be sane, sober, disciplined. Everything you now are not!

Tarrant: All I did was laugh, Father. Couldn't help it. Her head is rather voluminous.

Tarrant's father: You cost the princess her crown! Do you know what this means to us?

Tarrant: Why am I never good enough for you?

Tarrant's father: Why are you always such a disappointment to me?

Tarrant: There. You've said it. You've said it, Father. Well, if I'm such a disappointment, I don't suppose you'll be sorry if I leave home.

Tarrant's mother: No. Tarrant!

Tarrant: My hat please, Mom.

Tarrant's mother: Tarrant. Zanik.

Tarrant's father: No.

Tarrant's mother: Please. Tell him to stay. Zanik, please.

Cheshire Cat: Tarrant.

Gentleman Fish: Tarrant?

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