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最好工作:英公司招浴缸试用员 年薪6000英镑
Is this the best job ever? Company advertises for BATHTUB TESTER

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这家浴缸公司面向社会招募“浴室执行官”一职,简称BEO(Bathroom Executive Officer)以检验产品的性能。他们还许诺这将使求职者得到身心的放松,并会附上修剪指甲的服务。



最好工作:英公司招浴缸试用员 年薪6000英镑


More than 50 people have responded to an advert for "one of the most relaxing jobs on the market" - a bathtub TESTER.

Bathstore is seeking a Bathroom Executive Officer (BEO) to test their range of products.

It is sure to give the perfect candidate a stress-free life and possibly some pruned fingers and toes.

And 12 month contract role pays a yearly salary of £6,000, plus bathroom installation worth £6k and products worth £4,000 to trial.

For those expecting an easy life, this job isn't all about splashing around in the suds or playing with a rubber duck.

The successful applicant will be responsible for providing written reports and analysis on the overall bathing experience.

However, all that boring stuff can be done from the comfort of your own home.

That's because Bathstore will regularly install their new baths into the BEO's home "ensuring that this is one job that can be taken lying down".

Before you apply, make sure you meet the criteria, which is to be laid back, relaxed and bubbly!

Bathstore's chief marketing officer Claire Bayliss said: "We are dedicated to making dream bathrooms easy, from design to installation, and this appointment demonstrates our commitment to deliver quality products and expert advice.

"We've already received some great applicants for the BEO position and will be looking to produce a short-list in the upcoming weeks.

"We're really looking forward to filling the role and won't rest until we find the right candidate".

Other possible best jobs in the world range from a chief funster to a taste master.

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