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威廉夫妇蜡像换新装 王子头发变稀(图)
Prince William and Kate's wax figures revamped

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威廉夫妇蜡像换新装 王子头发变稀(图)


New waxwork figures of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, have been unveiled at the Madame Tussauds museum in London.

The royal couple have undergone a glamorous makeover and touch up two years after they were introduced at the attraction. They were first immortalised in the outfits they wore at their 2010 engagement announcement.

Changing out of the royal blue Issa dress she wore as she faced the world for the first time as William's future wife, Kate, 32, has been dressed in a floor-length teal evening gown that features a cinched waist and beaded collar. Kate's statue has had her brunette locks swept up into a half 'do, showing off her matching earrings.

Prince William's figure stands by his wife's side, clasping his hands together and looking sharp in a black tuxedo and bow tie.

The Duke and Duchess, whose wax models also feature at the Madame Tussauds in Sydney, Blackpool, Washington and Tokyo, stand adjacent to William's grandparents the Queen and her husband Prince Philip.

William and Kate are not the only high-profile figures who have recently been revamped at the London branch. Just last month new versions of David and Victoria Beckham were presented ahead of the couple's 15th wedding anniversary, which falls on Friday 4 July.

威廉夫妇蜡像换新装 王子头发变稀(图)

On the same day that Prince William and Kate's retouched waxworks were unveiled, a new portrait of the prince was also released at the Wales Office in Whitehall, London.

Entitled Fatherhood, the oil painting showed William – who became a father to Prince George on 22 July 2013 – wearing a dark suit and gazing upwards. The Duke is also wearing a poppy pinned to his lapel, as the artwork was revealed on Wednesday to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI.

Welsh artist Dan Llywelyn Hall painted the picture, which he based on a meeting at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff when William had viewed a portrait of the Queen that Dan had also created called Icon.

"Fatherhood is a portrait about a universal theme: the concerns, hopes and aspirations of a family man," said Dan.

The piece will go on sale in October in aid of The Victoria Cross Trust and War Memorials Trust.


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