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An incredible run

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An incredible run

Nancy Matos

Reader Question: “No, I'm not [disappointed]. There's no reason to be because I'm on an incredible run. You always expect a loss once in a while. So when it happens, why be disappointed if I win over 90% of my matches?”

Could you explain “an incredible run”?

My comments: When tennis star Roger Federer uttered those words in August 2006, he was referring to his defeat against Andy Murray at the ATP Masters Series in Cincinnati. Federer was implying that he had achieved a long streak of great success.

One can also say they had a ‘good run’ or basically insert any positive adjective in front of ‘run’. Having said that, you can have ‘a bad run’ of things or experience ‘a lousy run’, meaning things haven’t been going smoothly for awhile.

The term doesn’t just refer to people, however. An event, for example, can celebrate ‘an incredible run’ after several sold-out performances and/or high grosses. Think of the musical “Cats”, which was the longest-running production in Broadway’s history after playing to audiences for 18 years. It took its final bow on the New York stage after a truly “incredible run”.


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About the author:

Nancy Matos is a foreign expert at China Daily Website. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Nancy is a graduate of the Broadcast Journalism and Media program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her journalism career in broadcast and print has taken her around the world from New York to Portugal and now Beijing. Nancy is happy to make the move to China and join the China Daily team.