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Right out of the gate

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Right out of the gate

Reader's question: Once you are inside an organization, raises are small and promotions are often slow in coming, so you have to do what you can to maximize your salary and benefits package right out of the gate. Could you explain “right out of the gate”?

My comments:

“Right out of the gate” means “right from the start”, “from the very beginning”.

This is a term that originates from horse racing, or dog races for that matter. Instead of using a starting line printed on the ground as seen in the human game, such as in the 100 meters dash, gates are used at the starting line of a horse race to prevent the animals from getting out of control before the gun. And when the shot is heard, the gates open letting out the galloping horses and the race commences.

Therefore, if a horse gains lead in the beginning of the race, it is said to have done well “right out of the gate”.

In the example above, since raises and promotions are small, far between and slow in coming, you’re advised to seek the highest starting salary and benefits package that you can get, as opposed to being modest, asking for a penny for the first year while expecting a million-dollar raise twelve months later.

Ah well, good luck.

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