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For all intents and purposes

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For all intents and purposes
Nelly Min

Reader's question: For all intents and purposes, this post will only focus on natural crystal deodorants. Could you explain “for all intents and purposes”?

My comments:

The phrase "for all intents and purposes" or "to all intents and purposes" means "in every practical sense" or "under most usual circumstances," "in most practical situations," or "for purposes that are practical." Another interpretation could be in practical situations.

Example: To all intents and purposes the case is closed.

The phrase originated in legal language in the 1500s, and it may have been first used in court cases in England. The initial wording may have been "to all intents, constructions and purposes."

A possible use of the phrase in the modern sense could be the following. Say you're interviewing for a job and the boss wants to hire you. She might say, "We still need to check your references, but for all intents and purposes, the job is yours." She means, Provided your references are fine, you've got the job and you can consider yourself employed.

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About the author:

Nelly Min is a journalist at the China Daily website.