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take sth in stride

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take sth in stride克林顿描述母亲在得知父亲去去世时:

She took it all in stride.

是否是 她全然接受了这一切?

My comments:

For Clinton’s mother to take her husband’s death in stride is for her to take the sad news in a calm way.

Stride is the long, decisive step one takes in walking. For one to take something in stride is like saying they receive some news while they’re walking and the news, in this case very sad and unpleasant, does not even stop them in their tracks.

They just walk on, without taking even a half step.

In other words, they must be strong and determined people.

For Clinton’s mother take her husband’s death in stride, again, implies that she took the news in a calm and accepting way. She might have known that the inevitable was coming, or perhaps she was just strong enough to keep her emotions to herself.

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