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Everyday Talk: Fashion

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By Sophie Mach 尘然注


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You’re really out-dated!

Do you know what girls think about? The girl in the dialogue tells you what she thinks about...

Janice: Her dress looks funny.

Hans: I wouldn’t say that. It looks fine to me.

Janice: Are you kidding? She’s behind the times. That style went out last year.

Hans: Oh, come on, as long as it looks good on her.

Janice: Wow, you’re really as out-dated as she is.

Hans: You’re darn right. I’m out of style. So what? What’s the point of keeping yourself in style?

Janice: No wonder you never buy me a new dress.

The ski parka is on sale.

In the dialogue below you can see what’s the difference between woman and man toward fashion...

Sophie: Look at this catalog, Jim. The ski parka is on sale.

Jim: What’s on your mind? You have one already.

Sophie: But I bought it a long time ago.

Jim: Yeah right! One year is long!?

Sophie: You don’t understand! This was last year’s style.

Jim: I think it still looks perfect even though it has gone out this year.

Sophie: That’s because you’re not a woman.

You’re an expert in skincare

Joyce is very upset about her oily skin. So she asks Ellen for advice....

Joyce: Hi, Ellen, I know you’re an expert in skincare.

Ellen: Well, I wouldn’t say that, but I do know something. So how can I help you?

Joyce: I think I have an oily skin and there’re always small bumps here and there on my face. How can I get rid of them? They’re really irritating!

Ellen: Well, I would suggest that you wash your face often. Every night you should rinse your face with warm water, then pat it dry with a clean towel. Make sure you don’t rub it dry. Then you apply this cream to your face.

Joyce: Oh, this cream?

Ellen: Yeah. It’s pretty effective in wiping out dirt and oil. It rids your face of dead cells and helps stimulate circulation.

Joyce: Wow!

Ellen: Oh, just use a small amount on the oily areas. Also, don’t rub it hard. Just dab it lightly.

Joyce: I’ll keep that in mind!

Ellen: Of course. Also, I would suggest you get a facial every four to six weeks for a deep cleaning.

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