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The Jane Austen book club 《奥斯汀书会》精讲之六
[ 2008-10-15 14:42 ]


文化面面观  《理智与情感》(Sense and Sensibility)

我管之我见 六本小说,六个人物,六种人生。无论时代怎样变迁,人类还是走不出情感的迷城。

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Jocelyn: I'm warning you, if Grigg starts making little remarks, I'm gonna walk out.

Bernadette: You two just keep it together for one more book.

Jocelyn: I wish he'd just drop out of the group.

Allegra: Austen sets up this juicy triangle between Elinor, Edward and Lucy Steele. And then at the end, she practically has to whip a rabbit out of a hat to make Lucy Steele run off with Edward's brother?

Grigg: Yeah, thatrequires some hand-waving.

Jocelyn: I think the ending's well-plotted.

Grigg: To me, the part that seems forced is Marianne ending up with Colonel Brandon. Anyone else feel that?

Bernadette: Oh, I have no problem with that. He rides up on a big stallion, sweeps her into his arms. I'm there.

Grigg: From the time Colonel Brandon meets Marianne, he just lavishes all this attention on her. And meanwhile, she's throwing herself at Willoughby.

Allegra: Willoughby is a player.

Grigg: Women never go for the nice guy.

Jocelyn: Please. Men say that, but you get to know some of these men who complain the most, you find out they're not as nice as they like to think they are.

Sylvia: Okay. You know what struck me? Is that Colonel Brandon is only a few years younger than Mrs. Dashwood. Well, why does he take up with the daughter and not the mother?

Bernadette: Yeah, why not Mrs. Dashwood?

Grigg: Maybe Mrs. Dashwood won't give him the time of day.

Allegra: The book is about the young people.

Jocelyn: Yeah, because Jane Austen thinks that nothing interesting can happen

to a woman over 25.

Prudie: When actually, a novel about a woman seducing a slightly younger man…just yields so much more.

Jocelyn: Well, then maybe Mrs. Dashwood should go for Willoughby.

Prudie: Why not?

Bernadette: (Laugh)

Prudie: It's a long, hot summer.

Bernadette: Maybe Mrs. Dashwood has more sense than that.

Allegra: Okay, can I just point out, she's hardly in the story.

Jocelyn: Sex is messy. Maybe Mrs. Dashwood prefers a more well-ordered life.

Grigg: Maybe that's why she's such a minor character.

Jocelyn: I think if you read Austen's novels...

Grigg: Oh, I have. You wanted me to, and I did.

Jocelyn: I think you'll see she always writes in favor of order and self-control. Nothing unwise.

Allegra: Nothing in haste.

Grigg: Okay, so, this is...this is what…this is a rulebook?

Bernadette: We could do worse.

Grigg: I think Jane Austen wrote about women falling in love because she was Ionely.

Jocelyn: Oh, you couldn't be more wrong. Austen lived a very full life. She could've gotten married anytime.

Bernadette: She almost did.

Jocelyn: That's right. But she decided not to.

Grigg: Why, too messy? Too out of control?

Prudie: His name was Harris Bigg-Wither, and they were engaged for one night.

Allegra: "Oh, Harris Bigg-Wither!" (Laugh) I can't believe you know that.

Grigg: I understand why Colonel Brandon goes for Marianne. And it's not 'cause she's young. It's because she's, she’s generous with herself. She's willing to risk her heart. No rules, no fear.

Jocelyn: And Willoughby tramples her.

Grigg: She just picked the wrong guy.

Prudie: No rules, no fear. I like that.


1. making little remarks, I’m gonna walk

在这里remark不是“备注”的意思,而是表达“意见、评论”,making little remarks表示“发表任何意见”,结合影片情境是“如果Grigg再敢乱插嘴,我立刻走”。Gonna是going to的口语表达,在生活对话中常常能听到。

2. I wish he'd just drop out of the group

这句很好理解,不过用法值得注意。Drop out 的意思就是“withdraw from participation in a group such as a school, club, or game; also, withdraw from society owing to disillusionment退出”,比如:He couldn't afford the membership dues and had to drop out.他付不起会员费,不得不退出。

3. whip a rabbit out of a hat

字面翻译是“从帽子里变出兔子”。西方魔术中,魔术师常从礼帽中变出一只兔子,这几乎成为西方魔术的标志性场面。它的引伸义就是“奇迹般的”、“突然出现的”等等,形容文学作品时,也可以理解成“突然插入的情节”。…she practically has to whip a rabbit out of a hat to make Lucy Steele run off with Edward's brother 这句话的意思就是“她简直就像变戏法一样,安排露西和爱德华的兄弟私奔”。


文化面面观  《理智与情感》(Sense and Sensibility)

我管之我见 六本小说,六个人物,六种人生。无论时代怎样变迁,人类还是走不出情感的迷城。

考考你 小试牛刀

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