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One flew over the cuckoo's nest《飞越疯人院》精讲之二
[ 2008-12-05 15:30 ]

影片对白  I'm talking about form! I'm talking about content! I'm talking about interrelationships! I'm talking about God, the Devil, Hell, Heaven!


4. gang up on

这个gang up on 也写作 gang up against,意思是“join in opposition or attack against(一群人)反对某人,对抗某人”,比如:The big kids were always ganging up on the little ones. 大孩子们总是结伙欺负小孩子。

5. stay off one's side

Harding 对与Cheswick的援手很是不满,说到:“Cheswick, do me a favor. Take it easy. And stay off my side.”这里的 stay off my side 的意思是“keep to yourself, stay in your area管好你自己,不要粘着我”。

6. wise up (to)

这个俚语的意思是“放聪明点,聪明点”,比如别人说了什么蠢话,你就可以说“Hi, wise up. You’re an adult. 聪明点吧,你已经是成年人了。”

而wise up to 则表示“to make or become aware of a secret or generally unknown fact, situation, attitude, etc.知道,获悉”,例如:They wised him up on how to please the boss. 他们告诉他怎样讨老板的欢心。

7. turn one loose

Turn loose 的意思是“释放”,turn one loose 这里的意思就是“放开某人”,这里可以解释为“离婚”。我们来看个例子:He turned the horse loose in the field. 在田野里,他松了马的缰绳。


谜一样的Little Mary Ann

Mary Ann 是一个情景喜剧中的角色。精神病院的人们可能看过电视,并且记住了她——这个当时广受欢迎的流行角色之一。但在这部电影中则可能是个小小的穿帮,因为电影的时代背景是设定在1963年,而这部情景喜剧64年才开播。或者,亦有可能这是精神病人自己造出来的名字,像Marjorie Jane一样,没有特别的所指。

One flew over the cuckoo's nest《飞越疯人院》精讲之二

Mary Ann Summers is a fictional Winfield, Kansas farm girl who is a character in the television sitcom Gilligan's Island which ran on the CBS network from 1964 to 1967, and has run more or less continuously since in reruns.

Mary Ann was portrayed by actress Dawn Wells. She was an ingenue and a foil, as well as a friend, to glamorous Hollywood star Ginger Grant, played by Tina Louise. She is apparently regarded with some desire by both the title character of Gilligan (Bob Denver) and The Professor (Russell Johnson), but this is never allowed to develop into anything beyond mild flirtation. In addition, her practical domestic skills make her an indispensable member of the group. Since she was traveling alone on the "three-hour tour" that was lost at sea, she is probably at least in her early twenties, although she may possibly be in her late teens. (In the episode "V for Vitamins" she says, "Women and children first, so I get two votes.") As with the rest of the cast, not much was ever learned about her life prior to being marooned on the island, but she mentioned having dated a boy named Horace Higgenbotham from Horners Corners, Kansas.

"Ginger or Mary Ann?" is regarded as a classic pop-psychological question, one which provides insight into the personality types of males of a certain age, at least as regards to which certain female stereotypes interest them the most. (answers.com)



1. 我们五点中结束吧。

2. 你认为他会谈到所这件事的重点吗?

3. 他们都反对这个代课教师。

4. 她从来也不知道那个玩笑说的是她。

One flew over the cuckoo's nest《飞跃疯人院》精讲之一 考考你 参考答案

1. 别那么干!

Don't go on like that!

2. 据我猜测,这个班有五十个学生。

As near as I can guess there are fifty students in the class.

3. 我们全篇发现了许多错误。

We've found numerous errors down the line.


影片对白  I'm talking about form! I'm talking about content! I'm talking about interrelationships! I'm talking about God, the Devil, Hell, Heaven!



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