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Black Swan《黑天鹅》精讲之三

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Black Swan《黑天鹅》精讲之三

Thomas: Watch the way she moves. Imprecise, but effortless. She's not faking it.

Coach: Gorgeous! Okay, that's beautiful. Let's start again from the beginning.

Susie: You'll room with Beth from now on, so be considerate.

Nina: Thanks, Susie.

Susie: Those are for you, from Mr. Leroy.

Nina: They're beautiful.

Thomas: I'll be back in a second. Let me come back to you, please. Let's go. Ready to be thrown to the wolves? We need our cash, so please don't forget to smile. Ladies and gentlemen, please, may I have your attention? Good evening. Let me make this very important announcement. You all had had the chance and the privilege to be enchanted, transported, and even sometimes devastated, by the performances of this true artist of our company. She's been a crucial inspiration to my work. A role model to all dancers, and even more than that, a deeply appreciated presence on our stage. You all know who I am talking about. Ladies and gentlemen, Beth Macintyre. But as we all know, every great career has to come to an end. Beth is retiring at the end of season. She will be giving her farewell performance as Melpomene, the role she originated in my first ballet. My little princess, we honor you. You will be greatly missed, and never forgotten. But as we bid adieu to one star, we welcome another. We're opening our season with my new version of Swan Lake. Taking the role of our new Swan Queen, the exquisite Nina Sayers. You'll soon have the pleasure of seeing her perform, but right now, let's please raise a glass: To all of us. To Beth. To Nina. To beauty.

Nina: Just a second. Just a second!

Lily: Come on! I'm about to burst! Hey, it's you! I don't think we ever officially met. I'm Lily.

Nina: Hi, I'm Nina.

Lily: Yes, our new Swan Queen. Here, hold this.

Nina: Yeah, sure.

Lily: You must be so excited. Are you freaking out?

Nina: Yeah...

Lily: Yeah? Oh, it's okay. Oh, I'd be losing my mind.

Nina: I should get back...

Lily: No, no, no, come on, stay. Keep me company.

Nina: Excuse me.

Thomas: Oh, there you are. Come on.

Black Swan《黑天鹅》精讲之三

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. effortless: 不费力的。

2. enchanted: 陶醉的,入迷的。看一下例子:The boy was enchanted with the toy.(男孩对这玩具着了迷。)

3. transported: 心醉的,忘我的。transport在这里用作被动语态,意思是“使万分激动,使欣喜若狂”。看一下例子:He was transported with joy.(他喜不自胜。)

4. devastated: 极为震惊的。

5. role model: 楷模;行为榜样。

6. bid adieu to: 向……告别。

7. exquisite: 精致的,近乎完美的。例如:exquisite manners(完美的仪态)。

8. I'm about to burst!: 我快憋不住了!

9. freak out: 非常紧张。

10. lose one's mind: 发狂,抓狂。影片中妮娜和莉莉的个性形成了鲜明的对比,一个是努力抑制自己的情绪,另一个则是无所顾忌地表露自己的感情。



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