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Black Swan《黑天鹅》精讲之六

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Thomas: The final act. You're trying to dance. You've tasted your dream! Touched it! Only to have it crushed! Your heart is broken, wounded. Your life force fading. The blood drips. The Black Swan stole your love. There is only one way to end the pain. You are not fearful, but filled with acceptance. And you look down at Rothbart, and then at the Prince, and then, yes, at the audience. And then you jump. Go ahead. Jump. Jump! Okay, everybody get a drink of water, then it's notes.

Georgina: You lost weight. Take off your shrug, please. Very good. Face front. We're almost done. And that's it. Okay. We're done. Thank you very much.

Black Swan《黑天鹅》精讲之六

Lily: Georgina, I'm Lily. Thomas sent me...

Georgina: Yes, we have to get you measured for the Swan Queen costumes.

Nina: What's she doing here?

Lily: He made me your alternate. Look, it's just in case.

Nina: Thomas. Thomas. Thomas.

Thomas: Yes?

Nina: It can't be her. It can't be her.

Thomas: Okay, why don't you just go. I'll catch up later. What's going on?

Nina: Lily...You made her my alternate?

Thomas: Why, there's always an alternate. Lily is the best choice.

Nina: No, but she wants my role.

Thomas: Every dancer in the world wants your role.

Nina: No, this is different. She is after me. She is trying to replace me.

Thomas: Nobody is after you.

Nina: No, please believe me...

Thomas: I know it's been a struggle. But you just had a breakthrough this morning. Tomorrow is yours. Just give a great performance and you won't have to worry about Lily or anybody else. Now go home and rest.

Nina: From the vision again. What happened?

Pianist: I've got a life. I work too hard. It's a big day tomorrow.

Nina: Hey, I'm still working in here. Could you please turn the lights back on? Hello?

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. crush: 破坏,毁坏(某人的信心或幸福)。

2. alternate: 替补,候补者。例如:We have several alternates on our team.(我队有几名替补队员。)alternate作形容词可以表示“间隔的”和“交替的,轮流的”,例如:She works on alternate days.(她隔日上班。)

3. catch up with somebody: 赶上某人。catch up with something可以表示“对……产生预期的坏影响或恶果”,例如:Smoking will catch up with you.(吸烟迟早会使你受害不浅。)

4. She is after me: 她盯上我了。after在这里的意思是“以……为追求(或追赶、纠缠、搜寻)的目标”。看一下例子:His wife has been after him to buy some new curtains for so long.(好久以来他妻子一直缠着他要买几幅新窗帘。)

5. I've got a life: 我有自己的私人生活。



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