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The Other Woman《另一个女人》精讲之四

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Emilia: Hello.

Carolyn: Yes.

Emilia: Carolyn, I don't know if you remember me.

Carolyn: I know who you are. Is Jack inside?

Emilia: Yeah, he'll be down in a minute.

Carolyn: All right. This is all your fault. Will has been so distracted and tense and emotional. I'm sure they sensed that in the interviews.

Emilia: What?

Carolyn: You just won't be happy until you've ruined everything. I don't know what the hell happened to you to make you so destructive. Jack. He didn't get in.

Jack: He didn't get in?

Carolyn: No, uh-uh. Not Collegiate, not even wait-listed.

Jack: All right, just calm down, Carolyn.

Carolyn: Oh, I'm calm. Would you like me to not care? Should I be more like you?

Jack: Well, he can always stay here. I mean, it's not the end of the world.

Carolyn: No, it's certainly not the end of your world. You don't give a shit. But it's a disaster for Will. He didn't get in anywhere. Not Collegiate, not Dalton, not Trinity.

Jack: You know what? This is not the time.

Carolyn: Not the U.N. international school. Do you know where he got in? Do you know who took him? West Side Prep.

Jack: That's a great school. Will, that's great, really.

Carolyn: It's his safety school, Jack. Do you know what a safety school is?

Jack: Yeah, I do.

Emilia: Jack, I'm gonna take William home. We'll meet you there. Should I go to the theater?

Jack: No. Home. I'll meet you at home. Don't worry, Will, okay?

Emilia: You're really too old for The Lion King, anyway. I mean, it's pretty unscientific. Talking lions? Talking lion puppets, actually. You dodged a bullet, my friend. You want something to drink? Hey, easy. We're walking through the park. Your mom hates the bathrooms there.

William: I can pee on a tree. I have a penis. You're the one who should be worried. You don't have one.

Emilia: Thank you for clearing that up. I can stop looking now. Hey, um, do you skate?

William: It's just wrong. We should rent helmets. Rollerbladers need helmets, and ice is just as hard as asphalt. Harder.

Emilia: Ice is not as hard as asphalt.

William: Yes, it is. Much harder. Actually, asphalt is quite soft. That's why my mom runs in the street and not the sidewalk. She knows that kind of thing. She's a doctor.

Emilia: Does she run with a helmet? You should mention that to her.

William: My pediatrician's office has a safety wall in it. It has a picture of children on their rollerblades. My picture is there too. I'm on my tricycle wearing my blue helmet. I also have a red helmet. If we really want to do this, we can go home and get one of my helmets.

Emilia: Oy, with the helmets.

William: It looks bigger than 33,000 square feet.

Emilia: How do you know how big Wollman Rink is?

William: It's in that book you gave me, you know, the Central Park book?

Emilia: Oh. I didn't know you read it. Pretty cool, huh? Come on. Hat.

Child: Watch out!

William: See?

Emilia: At the speed he's going, he needs one.

William: This is very scary.

Emilia: No, it's not.

William: Yes, it is. You can't say what's scary to me. Only I can. You're not scared, because you know how to skate. And that boy's not scared, because his mother brought his helmet.

Emilia: Which probably means he's scared of her. Here, give me your hand. Good. This isn't so awful, is it?

William: I just want to go back to the wall. That was much better.

Emilia: You just need to get used to it.

William: No, you just go skate. I do better if no one is watching.

Emilia: Okay, I'm gonna go around once, and you try and balance, okay?

William: Go on.

Emilia: Okay. William! William, just stay right there. I'll help you get up, okay?

William: I'm good.

Emilia: Shit. If you say "helmet," I'm gonna leave you here.

William:Wrist pad.

Emilia: Come on. Okay, let's go. Are you kidding me?

William: It's just, Collegiate was the best school.

Emilia: No, it isn't. It's snooty. Plus, Collegiate is all boys. Who wants to go to an all-boys school?

William: Well, if you go to Collegiate, you can go to Harvard.

Emilia: A: not guaranteed. B: West Side Prep sends tons of boys to Harvard. And C: you're eight. You don't have to think about Harvard. Harvard sucks.

William: You went to Harvard.

Emilia: Exactly.

William: Well, that's true. But still, I thought I'd get in.

Emilia: Dude, it doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter.

William: My mom is mad at me.

Emilia: She's mad, but not at you. She's mad at me and at your dad and everything, but it only feels like she's mad at you.

William: You don't understand. You don't understand about Collegiate or anything. You're from New Rochelle. You not sophisticated like me and my mom are.

Emilia: You're feeling better, huh? You know what we're gonna do? We're gonna stop at Fairway on the way home, and I'm going to make you a homemade stir-fry and Tofutti sundaes, and we're gonna watch a movie that will shrivel your young brain. How's that sound?

William: Only if I can let go of the wall down there.

Emilia: You don't have to.

William: Only if I can let go of the wall.

Emilia: Right on. One more try.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. what the hell: 用以加强语气或咒骂,究竟,到底。

例如:What the hell did you hear?(你究竟听到了什么?)

2. wait-list: 待批名单,候选名单。

3. the end of the world: 世界末日

4. safety school: 安全学校,这些学校的入学条件低于学生的条件,应该是稳进的,所以用来当“保底”。

5. dodge a bullet: 躲过一劫

6. rollerblade: 滚轮冰刀鞋,直排轮鞋

7. asphalt: 沥青

8. pediatrician: 儿科医生

9. wrist pad: 护腕

10.all-boys school:全男生的学校,男校

11.stir-fry: 翻炒;炒;煸

12.shrivel: (使)枯萎,干枯,皱缩,也可以表示使束手无策。

例如:As house prices plunge and savings shrivel, divorcing couples are fighting over a shrinking cake.(随着房价跳水,积蓄萎缩,离婚夫妇现在争夺的蛋糕正在变小。)

13.let go of:放开,释放

例如:Let go of me, you vicious monster!(放开我,你这可恶的家伙!)



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