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Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2《小屁孩日记2》精讲之一

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Greg: Rowley, don't just pulling me down. Who is that?

Chirag: Her name is Holly Hills. She just moved here.

Greg: What grade she is?

Chirag: Seven. She is an All-star soccer player, has done professional modelling and was a sixth grade class president. She moved here from Oregon because her father got a big promotion. They drive a hybrid SUV, live on the north side of the town...in a cul-de-sac near a park. What? I googled her. She is a picture of loveliness, is she not?

Rowley: She is almost as pretty as my mum.

Chirag: She is going to be very popular.

(Greg’s fantasy)

Greg: please, everyone, sit down. We have our seats.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2《小屁孩日记2》精讲之一

Holly: Excuse me.

Greg: What?

Holly: I said: Excuse me. You are blocking the exit.

Greg: Oh...Sorry.

Holly: That's okay.

Chirag: I am Chirag Gupta and I'm single.

Holly: Wow. My name is ...

Chirag: We know exactly who you are. Holly Hills of 432 Embury Lane.

Greg: No, we do not know who you are. We've no idea who you are.

Holly: Ok, well, I think I'm gonna go skating now.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2《小屁孩日记2》精讲之一

Chirag: Please congratulate your father on his promotion for me...

Greg: "We know exactly who you are?" you trying to scare her?

Chirag: Doesn't really matter. A girl like that is out of your league anyway, Greg.

Greg: She's new. She is not anyone's league yet. She does not know the social packing we were. If there is ever a time for me to make a move, it's now.

Rodrick: Hey, Greg, you break a leg or something, so we can leave. That will never happen. Not a chance. There is no way that girl will ever talk to you.

Greg: Oh, yeah, well, I just talked to her and we’re probably skating later.

Rodrick: Really? OK. You see that clock? They play slow song at the top of every hour for couple skate. If you are so confident ... ask her to skate.

Greg: Maybe I will.

Rodrick: What're you waiting for, fool wimp? You the man.

Greg: Look, we can get out to Holly, and be standing right next to her when the clock changes. Then I can ask her to skate and she will have to say yes.

Rowley: I don't know about that.

Greg’s mother: Oh, Honey, hi. Remember when we were young like this, when we used to dance, go to parties, things like this?

Greg: I’m going in. Cover me.

Host: All rockers and hardcore skaters off the rink. Unless you're looking for love. It's time for couple skate.

Greg: I'm making my move.

Bill: Stop. Enough of that, totally. Who is ready to rock?

Holly: Come on. Let's get out of here.

Rowley: What can we do?

Greg: Stay calm. All we can do is just staying here. Rowley, hang on.

Greg’s mother: Greg Heffley, this is your mother. Everything is going to be OK. Stay where you are and your father is going to come rescue you. I repeat. Everything is going to be OK. OK, here he comes. Here he comes. He is on his way.

Greg: Dad.

Greg’s father: I know, I know.

Greg’s mother: OK. Everyone, go back to skate.

Greg’s father: You are all right?

Rodrick: Hey Romeo, how did you go with the new girl?

Girl: You ruined my birthday. You jerk.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. SUV: 运动型多功能车。

2. cul-de-sac: 死胡同;死巷。

3. block: 堵住(某人的路等);挡住(某人的视线等)。例如:Heavy traffic blocked the road.(拥挤的车辆阻塞了道路。)

4. out of one's league: 不是同一层次的人,不是一路人。league在这里的意思是“种类,等级,范畴”,看一下例子:I had no idea your folks were in that sort of league.(我想不到你的亲属竟属于那样一种人。)

5. make a move: 开始行动,采取行动。

6. wimp: 懦夫;窝囊废。

7. Cover me: 掩护我。

8. hardcore: 铁杆的。形容“铁杆歌/影/球迷”我们就可以用hardcore fans来表示。hardcore还可以表示“上瘾的”,例如a hardcore heroin user(有毒瘾的海洛因服用者)。

9. rink: (溜冰)场。ice rink或skating rink都可以用来指“溜冰场”。



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