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Hachi:A Dog's Tale《忠犬八公的故事》精讲之三

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Michael: Hey, Mrs. Wilson, good to see you.

Wife: Michael, nice to see you. Call me Kate.

Michael: Okay. I got you some beer.

Wife: Thank you. Thank you.

Daughter: Everything looks delicious.

Kate: Oh, good.

Michael: Yeah, that's a great steak.

Wife: Why don't you take this to Dad?

Michael: Sure?

Wife: He's out there.

Michael: The grill's ready?

Daughter: It's getting there yeah.

Wife: Nice to see you.

Michael: Nice to see you, too.

Daughter: Yeah, that'd be great, hon.

Michael: You know, I actually took guitar lessons for a little bit when I was a kid.

Parker: Did you?

Michael: Yeah, like when I was 9 or 10 years old. I had to stop because my brother slammed my fingers in the car door. I mean, he always said it was an accident but after that, I just... I don't know, I stopped practicing I wish I didn't, though... because I really love music and you know,I have so much respect for musicians and people who play instruments--

Parker: Michael. Do you love my daughter?

Michael: Yes, sir. Yes, I do.

Parker: Well, that's good... cause that's what you want to remember on the bad days.

Michael: Right.

Parker: Hachi, this is Michael. Michael, Hachi. Pleased to meet you.

Michael: Hachi, hey, you wanna play a little catch? Yeah? Ready? Okay, go get the ball. Go get it! There it is! Get the ball. It's right there. Go! Hachi, go get it. Go! Go get the ball. Go get it.

Parker: Michael, you want to get that ball back, you're gonna have to get it yourself. Hachi doesn't fetch. He doesn't do it.

Michael: Okay.

Wife: Are you all right? Are you okay?

Michael: Totally good, totally good.

Daughter: Honey, are you okay?

Michael: Keep playing.

Wife: Are you sure? Totally. I'm gonna get the ball.

Parker: Okay.

Michael: I'm good. Look at that. Don't let me disrupt the game.

Wife: Okay.

Daughter: Are you all right?

Wife: Are you okay?

Parker: He was just distracting you there.

Michael: If I threw the ball just one foot' go get it, okay? Really? Even if I just toss it right here, he's not gonna get it? You're not?

Parker: I'm doomed. He hates fetch? Fetch, right. I throw, he brings it back. He won't do it.

Ken: Not Akitas, Parker.

Parker: Alright, do they have something against fetching?

Ken: No. You want a dog that fetches you get a Collie, you get a Springer Spaniel.

Parker: No. Hachi's fine with me. I'm okay.

Ken: Well, good, because Akitas are not into people-pleasing.

Parker: What are they into?

Ken: He comes to the train because he has a special connection with you. "Here, buddy. Go get that ball." Why would he do that?

Parker: For fun? For a cookie? Because it'd make me happy, basically.

Ken: They can't be bought. They're Japanese, not American. Well, if he's gonna fetch...it'll be for a very special reason.

Parker: I'll find a reason.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. steak: 牛排,也可以用beef steak来表示。

2. grill: 烤架,或者烧烤的肉类食物。

Put the hamburgers on the grill.(把汉堡牛排放到烤架上。)

3. slam: 猛闯,猛撞

The football players slammed into each other.(橄榄球员相互猛撞。)


His habit of slamming friends made him unpopular.(他那苛刻指摘朋友的习惯使得他不得人心。)

4. catch: 接球游戏

5. doomed: 命中注定的,天数已尽的,注定失败的

Why are my plans always doomed to failure?(为什么我的计划总是遭到失败?)

6. Collie: 柯利牧羊犬(原产苏格兰)

7. Springer Spaniel: 长毛垂耳狗,猎獚

8. people-pleasing: 取悦别人

9. They can't be bought: 它们是无法被收买的。



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