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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island《地心历险记2》精讲之二

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island《地心历险记2》精讲之二

Sean: Excuse us. Hi. Hey, how's it going? We, uh... We Americans. Uh, you...tour guide?

Hank: Sean.

Sean: I got this. You... You take us on boat. On water.

Man: You wanna charter a boat?

Hank: The official language of Palau? English.

Sean: Thank you. Uh, yeah, we need someone to take us to an island located here.

Man: Absolutely not.

Sean: Wait, why?

Man: Because there is no island, just a bunch of storms. It's a graveyard for ships.

Sean: We'll pay you good money, $1000!

Man: Only a fool trades his life for money.

Gabato: Excuse me, excuse me. Today is your lucky day. Hey, I'm Gabato Laguatan, best captain in Palau. I understand you in need of transportation.

Sean: Yeah. That's great. We need someone to get us here. A thousand bucks if you can.

Gabato: Ooh, baby! Easy-peasy, easy-peasy. Let's go. Here we go. Let's go. Man, this is gonna be so good. You won't be disappointed. I've taken hundreds of people out to sea. I come back with them almost every single time.

Hank: Nice ride.

Sean: Nice ride.

Gabato: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hank: What in the blue heck is that?

Gabato: That's the finest helicopter in Palau.

Sean: Hate to see the worst.

Gabato: Oh! That's my security system. Heh, heh.

Hank: I'd rather take the Titanic.

Gabato: Kailani! We have customers here. You simply must meet my daughter. She's a real beauty. Looks just like me.

Hank: Thischopper's not gonna work out.

Sean: Actually, Hank, you know what? Now that I get a better look at it, this chopper's pretty freaking gorgeous.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island《地心历险记2》精讲之二

Hank: This daughter looks like you?

Gabato: Look. Same nostrils.

Kalani: Who are these guys?

Sean: Uh... I am a scientific explorer. Hi. And he's a...

Hank: Hank.

Sean: Hank. Right. So we need to get to these coordinates.

Kalani: Not on this helicopter. That's the deadliest part of the ocean.

Gabato: Oh oh oh. Time-out. Sweetness, sweetness. Sweetness, look. They agreed to pay us 1000 American dollars, okay? I could help with college for you then.

Kalani: Make it 2000.

Hank: No way. We had a deal.

Kalani: Then make it 3000. And good luck finding someone else to take you there.

Sean: Please?

Hank: Do you take Visa?

Gabato: Good afternoon, folks, and welcome to Gabato Luxury Tours. Please sit back, relax and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. And now a word from our pilot. This is your pilot, and...

Hank: Here we go.

Gabato: Gotcha! If you look out your window on your left, gentlemen, you will see what is known as the Pacific Ocean. On your right side, you will see the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

Hank: You gonna do that the whole trip?

Gabato: Sir, you did pay for the luxury tour.

Sean: It's a beautiful sky, huh?

Kalani: Mm-hm.

Sean: I mean, today just seems especially...majestic.

Kalani: "Majestic"? Really? I have to finish this in-flight safety check.

Sean: Yeah.

Kalani: We have to go around the storm.

Sean: Uh, according to these coordinates, that's where the island is.

Kalani: There is no island there.

Hank: Looks like we're about to find out.

Sean: Whoa.

Kalani: We gotta get out of here now!

Gabato: You know, I was thinking the same thing!

Sean: No, no, no. Wait! The Mysterious Island, chapter one! "The passengers had been taken into the movement of a column of air."

Hank: Sean, we're about to fly into a Category 5 hurricane! Now's not the time to take the book literally!

Sean: We have to go into the eye of the hurricane to get to the island!

Kalani: Are you psychotic? We'll never survive!

Sean: We gotta do, we gotta trust Verne!

Hank: You know what I trust? Gravity. Gabato, get us out of here now!

Gabato: You're right, I agree with you. But here's the deal: I'm not flying this helicopter anymore! The throttle's broken!

Hank: What?

Gabato: We're going down! Hold on!

Sean: Here we go!

Gabato: No! Not like this! Hang on! Hang on!

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. charter: 包租(船只、汽车、飞机等)。例如:

In a package holiday a travel agency will book the hotel, order the food and charter the plane for the travelers.


2. good money: 高薪;相当多的钱。例如:

Are such people completely nuts, throwing away good money just to show off?


3. easy-peasy: 小菜一碟。

4. chopper: [美国口语] 直升机。chopper还可以坐动词用,意思是“乘直升机飞行”或“用直升机运送”。例如:

They choppered from Nanjing to Shanghai.(他们乘直升机从南京去了上海。)

5. get a better look at it: 把它看得更清楚。

6. time-out: 暂停。例如:

If the conversation becomes too heated, ask for time-out or a break.


7. Category 5 hurricane: 5级飓风。

8. eye of the hurricane: 飓风眼,是飓风中心一块比较圆的区域,那里风力相对较小,强风会从“飓风眼”向外延伸。

9. throttle: 油门。



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