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First lady's new hairstyle creates buzz

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Hundreds of thousands of people are in the U.S. capital to witness President Barack Obama take the oath of office and celebrate another peaceful transition of power. For thousands more, though, it is the president's wife - first lady Michelle Obama - who is the main attraction.

When Obama took the official oath of office Sunday, the gray in his hair was noticeable. But it was the first lady's hair that was creating all the buzz - with her new haircut featuring "bangs."

People magazine described it as "a youthful new hairstyle: a straight, shoulder-skimming cut with bangs." And the Wall Street Journal called it "a bold move at a high profile time."

It is likely no accident of timing. Stylist Lauren Rothman said Michelle Obama used her style-sense to make a statement with her dress from four years ago.

"When they came out and said, 'We're here, and the nation is changing,' and that's what it said when she came out in that outfit," said Rothman.

Right from the start, four years ago, it seemed Obama enjoyed having the first lady steal some of the spotlight.

For Sunday's ceremony, Michelle Obama also drew notice for her royal blue dress and cardigan by American designer Reed Krakoff.

"They want to be wearing an outfit that says that, that says, 'We're proud to be here and thank you for re-electing us,'" said Rothman.

But even the president knows, it all comes back to the hair.

"I love Michelle Obama. And to address the most significant event of this weekend, I love her bangs," said the president.


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