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《唐顿庄园》精讲四 闷闷不乐的Mary

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本集剧情:老伯爵遗孀找到Matthew希望他能帮忙解除限定继承,Matthew努力了,但是未能解决。Matthew在伯爵的带领下开始积极参与管理领地内的事物。楼下佣人们的感情纠葛在这一集逐渐显现。一年一度的游园会开幕,William邀请Daisy一起去,不料Daisy拒绝了他,和Thomas一同去了。Hughes太太的老相好向她求婚,Huges太太经过一番思想斗争后拒绝。Anna生病了,Bates非常关心她并给她送饭。在Lady Sybil的帮助下Gwen第一次参加了面试,却失败了。

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Branson: Is that all, My Lord?

Robert: It is. Off you go and good luck.

Robert: He seems a bright spark after poor old Taylor. And to think Taylor's gone off to run a tea shop. I cannot feel it will make for a very restful retirement, can you?

Carson: I would rather be put to death, My Lord.

Robert: Quite so. Thank you, Carson.

Dowager Countess: How about some house parties?

Cora: She's been asked to one next month by Lady Anne McNair.

Dowager Countess: A most terrible idea. She doesn't know anyone under 100.

Cora: I might send her over to visit my aunt. She could get to know New York.

Dowager Countess: Oh, I don't think things are quite that desperate. Poor Mary, she's been terribly down in the mouth lately.

Cora: She was very upset by the death of poor Mr Pamuk.

Dowager Countess: Why? She didn't know him. One can't go to pieces at the death of every foreigner. We'd all be in a state of collapse whenever we opened a newspaper. Oh, no. Of course, Mary's main difficulty is that her situation is unresolved. I mean, is she an heiress or isn't she?

Cora: The entail's unbreakable. Mary cannot inherit.

Dowager Countess: No, what we need is a lawyer who's decent and honour bound to look into it. I... I think perhaps I know just the man.

bright spark
: 精明的人,生气勃勃的人

put to death: 处死,杀死。Carson这里的意思是:我宁愿一死了之/一了百了。

house party: 在乡间别墅举行的连续数日的宴会


I don't think things are quite that desperate:

down in the mouth
: 垂头丧气,闷闷不乐

go to pieces: 身体[精神]垮下来;瓦解,崩溃


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