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Stick in the mud 保守

Tourists having fun in the mud during the 15th annual mud festival on Daecheon Beach in Boryeong, South Korea. Photo by Ahn Young-joon.

Stick in the mud 保守

如果一个人被形容为 stick in the mud 那就说明此人很保守,墨守成规,不喜欢新事物,缺乏创意。



Up to 3 million people visit the Boryeong Mud Festival which takes place on Daecheon beach every year. It’s been running for 14 years to promote the health properties of the high-mineral mud, which stops skin from sagging and can be compared to products from the Dead Sea in Israel - that’s according to cosmetics firm which sponsors the event.


John is such a stick in the mud, he never wants to go anywhere other than Spain for his holiday.

Don't be a stick in the mud; let's try the other restaurant for a change.


不要混淆另一个短语的意思。As clear as mud 意思是混乱,不清晰。

For example: His instructions were as clear as mud.


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