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On top of the world 在世界的顶端

Daredevil Felix Baumgartner jumps out of a capsule on the edge of space. Photo: Jay Nemeth/AFP


Austrian Felix Baumgartner has become the first skydiver to go faster than the speed of sound. The daredevil jumped out of a balloon 24 miles above New Mexico, also breaking the record for the highest ever freefall. It took him under ten minutes to descend to earth, and he said that the experience made him feel very humble.

奥地利人 Felix Baumgartner 成为世界上第一位跳伞速度比声速度还快的人。这位冒险家从新墨西哥上空,离地面24英里的一个气球跳下。此举同时也打破了有史以来最高的自由落体记录。他10分钟内就降落到地球,此次经历令他感到非常渺小。


如果某人 on top of the world 这就是说他因为某件事情而感到非常高兴。


My boyfriend proposed to me last night – I'm on top of the world!

Angela was on top of the world when her boss gave her a promotion.

If my football team wins tonight, I'll be on top of the world – it's going to be such a tough match.


如果什么事情或东西是出乎意料的好,那么就可以被形容为 out of this world.

You should try my mum's apple pie – the taste is out of this world!


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