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To turn over a new leaf 改过自新

A meerkat plays amongst the fallen leaves at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling, Scotland. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA


Meerkats are sociable animals, which often live in large family groups. They are famous for standing on their rear legs and acting as a lookout for predators. Sometimes, even the noise from a passing aeroplane is enough to scare meerkats and send them diving for cover.

蒙哥(也称狐獴或猫鼬)是合群的友善动物,它们经常组群和群居。这种动物最著名(和可爱)的形象是后腿站立,以此提防那些捕食动物的攻击。有时, 听到一架从头顶飞过的飞机发出的噪音都会让这些蒙哥吓破了胆, 拔腿就逃,寻找掩护。


所谓 turn over a new leaf, 意思就是汉语中的改过自新,重新开始。


I'm turning over a new leaf after Christmas – I'm going to stop smoking.

Matt used to get in trouble with the police regularly, but he's turned over a new leaf now.

You're always eating unhealthy snacks. Why don't you turn over a new leaf and buy some fruit instead?


另一个短语 take a leaf out of someone else’s book, 意思是模仿某人的行为,以某人为榜样。

Stop misbehaving! Take a leaf out of your sister’s book and sit quietly.


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