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Reading one hour a day could change your life

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Here's one very simple yet potentially lifechanging advice I first heard from Brian Tracy. Cut down on the TV at night by just one hour. Instead use that hour to read books that could improve your life.

If you're in sales, google or browse amazon for what other people think are the best and most useful books on improving your sales.

This of course applies to all fields, not just the workrelated ones. Maybe you want to improve your health, become a more energetic person with a better looking body. Or maybe you want improve your productivity, your relations or perhaps do some general personal development.


One hour a day is not much. But if you read for one hour a day on weekdays that's about 260 hours a year. That's a lot of books and loads and loads of useful advice.

If applied who knows what great things and feelings could come into your life this year.

Also, all that cool information and useful advice will start to open up your mind. You will start to see more possibilites in your everyday life.

Now, now you might think something like this:

1. I really don't have the money...

Answer: Visit your local library or search their database if they got a website. Or look for used copies in places like amazon.com or some more local alternative if you're outside of the US.

2. Yeah, ok, but I really don't have the time...

Answer: Buy the books as audiobooks and listen to them in the car whilst driving to and from work. Or transfer them to your mp3-player and listen while riding your bike/bus to work or school. Recently selling audiobooks directly through mp3-downloads have become popular. It's probably something we will see more and more as people and companies discover this easy (and if the technology works) smooth way of shopping.

So start browsing for recommendations on books or ask your friends and collegues.

And shut of the TV a little earlier and start reading this week.





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