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Li lands landmark deals in London

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Premier Li Keqiang, acting as a super salesman for Chinese products, promoted the nation's high-speed rail and nuclear power technologies to Britain on Tuesday, with a series of landmark deals signed.

Twenty-six agreements worth $25 billion were signed on the second day of Li's three-day visit to Britain, his first to the country since taking office last year.

The premier met Queen Elizabeth II in the morning before being hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street after a grand welcoming ceremony.

Li and Cameron oversaw the signing of deals ranging from energy, finance and infrastructure to climate change.

Under a framework agreement, Britain welcomes Chinese firms taking part in its planned high-speed HS2 rail network, a 42 billion pound ($71.2 billion) project, with the first 192-km stage linking London and Birmingham.

It will be a milestone for Chinese high-speed rail companies to export technology to Britain, which built the world's first railway in 1825.

Britain also welcomes Chinese investment in the Hink-ley Point project, the UK's first nuclear power station in two decades.

Under an agreement, Chinese companies can to take a lead in developing other British nuclear power plants and establishing Chinese nuclear reactors in the UK.

On Tuesday, Li called on the two nations to realize a $100 billion annual trade target by the end of 2015, up from $70 billion achieved in 2013.

Britain is China's second-largest trading partner in the European Union and its second-largest source of foreign investment.


1. 26 agreements worth how much money were signed on Li’s second day in the UK?

2. Who is the British prime minister?

3. What is the Hink-ley Point project?


1. $25 billion.

2. David Cameron.

3. The UK’s first nuclear power plant in two decades.