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Need a holiday? Welcome to rip-off Britain

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A tourist photographs Westminster Abbey in London April 15, 2011.

Britain is crammed with overpriced restaurants, plagued by expensive hotels and let down by overrated tourist attractions, according to the latest edition of the Lonely Planet Guide.

In a warts and all review of the country as a holiday destination the well-known travel bible concludes it "has had its day" especially for cash-strapped natives.

"If you're on a tight budget, there's no getting away from it -- Britain ain't cheap," said lead author David Else who dispatched contributors to every corner of the land in search of good deals, but found few.

While some places are deemed to be "fantastic" finds and the country was still "one of the most fascinating places in the world to explore" many destinations simply didn't cut it.

"Public transport, admission fees, restaurants and hotel rooms all tend to be expensive compared with their equivalents in many other European countries," Else said.

"Unfortunately at a time when everyone is in desperate need of a great value summer getaway some of Britain's tourism industry just doesn't deliver," he added.

The picture was particularly bleak for Britons hoping to forget the government's austerity-driven budget cuts, underlying inflationary pressures and a battered pound.

The guide says some good value deals can be found if families do their homework, but many may, in the end, regret opting for a "staycation." London was singled as being particularly over-priced when it came to dining out.

"You're often better spending five pounds on a top-notch curry in Birmingham (central England) or a homemade steak-and-ale pie in a country pub in Devon (southwest England) than forking out 30 pounds in a restaurant for a 'modern European' concoction that tastes like it came from a can."

Overseas visitors, however, are undoubtedly the winners, flocking to the island in the last couple of years to take advantage of the weak pound.

Must-sees included Canterbury in the southeast which "tops the charts" when it comes to English cathedral cities, the city of Cambridge whose leafy green meadows "give it a far more tranquil appeal" than its rival Oxford, Glasgow a "byword for chic" and London with "endless reserves of cool".

Less flattering reviews were saved for the county of Surrey, close to London, "made up of uninspiring towns and dull, sprawling suburbs," while the city of Cardiff in Wales was slated as "a prodigious boozing town."

(Read by Renee Haines. Renee Haines is a journalist at the China Daily Website.)
















拉登藏身住所受追捧 或成另类旅游景点



意总理敦促国民在本国度假 帮助经济复苏

英国人家装DIY兴趣减退 省下时间去旅游

度假酒店促销 赠送怀孕优惠券



(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮 编辑:冯明惠)


warts and all: including all the bad or unpleasant features of somebody/something(包括所有的缺点;不隐瞒缺点;不遮丑)

cash-strapped: without enough money(资金短缺的)

cut it: 办成事,成功做成某事

getaway: a short holiday/vacation; a place that is suitable for a holiday/vacation(短假;假日休闲地;适合度假的地方)

deliver: to do what you promised to do or what you are expected to do; to produce or provide what people expect you to(履行诺言;不负所望;兑现)

austerity: a situation when people do not have much money to spend because there are bad economic conditions (经济的)紧缩;严格节制消费

staycation: 留在家中度假,就近度假

top-notch: excellent; of the highest quality(最好的;卓越的;第一流的)

fork out: (尤指不情愿地)大量花钱,大把掏钱

concoction: a strange or unusual mixture of things, especially drinks or medicines (古怪或少见的)混合物,调合物,调配品(尤指饮料或药物)

byword: a person or thing that is a well-known or typical example of a particular quality (某种品质或特征的)代表人,代表事物,典范

sprawling: spreading in an untidy way(蔓延的;杂乱无序伸展的)

slate: to criticize somebody/something, especially in a newspaper(尤指在报纸上)批评,抨击

prodigious: remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree(非凡的,巨大的)