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Profile: Xi Jinping: Pursuing dream for 1.3 billion Chinese

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While working in localities, Xi often cited an ancient poem written by Yang Wanli of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) to prepare himself for the hardship ahead:

"Don't say downhill no obstacles before you lie,

Misleading wayfarers to be happy and gay!

You are surrounded by ten thousand mountains high:

One mountain lets you pass, another bars your way."

While China speeds toward completing the construction of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, his sense of hardship remains with him as Xi sees the following challenges:

-- How can the government turn the people's aspirations for a wonderful life into concrete measures and administer the country properly?

-- Since deepening reform and opening up has become a national consensus, how should the government go further in reform?

-- Since it is a solemn pledge of the CPC to keep officials, the government and politics upright, clean and free from corruption, how can the CPC strengthen supervision and guard against corruption in practice?

Xi has resurrected a slogan that started to be used 20 years ago in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, where a series of breakthroughs in the country's reform and opening up drive were made.

"Empty talk is harmful to the nation, while practical jobs can help it thrive," he said, encouraging the CPC and the people to be practical, deal with concrete matters and turn visions into reality.

Xi has been seen as a leader with firm beliefs, strategic vision, a sense of hardship and a pragmatic style after coming up with the concept of the "Chinese dream" and vowing to deepen reform and opening up, ordering officials to reduce extravagance and taking drastic measures to crack down on corruption.

Xi presided over meetings of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee that resulted in the issuance of explicit requirements on how Political Bureau members should improve their work style in eight aspects, including rejecting extravagance, formalism and bureaucratism.

"We must start with specific things and ensure their implementation," he said.

The Political Bureau took the lead in setting an example, followed by CPC and government departments at all levels. Many officials said they have been under great pressure after the implementation of the rules.

"Work styles are not a trifling thing. If we do not resolutely correct poor working styles, they will separate the CPC from the masses like an invisible wall. The CPC will lose the root of its power like a man losing his blood," Xi said at one meeting.

He emphasized that the eight provisions are not the highest standards, but the first step for the CPC to improve its work style.

Xi has set an example through his own deeds.

When making inspections, he required no road closures in order to minimize disturbance to local residents. When he arrived, there was no welcoming pomp and receptions were reduced to simplicity.

Security personnel and escorts were kept to a minimum in order for him to learn the real situation. He also asked local governments not to rehearse visits or stage fake inspections to flatter higher authorities.

He turned down suggestions for him to stay at a better hotel when he inspected Fuping County in Hebei Province in late December.

"Do not make a fuss over where to stay," he said, "it's all right."

The public has noticed that conferences were cut short and officials were accompanied by fewer people.

Business has declined at posh restaurants, as more officials are being thrifty and the idea of living a simple life is winning public support.

He has vowed to stop using public money in excessive spending and penalize violators in this regard.

"We are closer than in any other time of history to the goal of rejuvenating the Chinese nation. We are more confident and capable of achieving this goal than in any other period of history," Xi said.






















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