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世上只有妈妈好 海豹幼崽的人生第一课

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世上只有妈妈好 海豹幼崽的人生第一课

The world can be a scary place for a seal pup less than 72 hours old. But even in the bitter, windswept bleakness of a Scottish beach, a helping hand is never far away. Sealed with a kiss, a young grey seal is seen nurturing her newborn baby through the first few days of its life.


Indeed the pup is so young that its fur still has a yellow tinge from the fluid of its mother’s womb. The scene was captured by wildlife photographer Anna Henly discovered when she came across a 50-strong colony that had come ashore to bear their young.


Those first moments are crucial for mother and offspring – from the moment it is born, she licks the pup, calls to it, pets it and protects it. Around 40 per cent of the world’s grey seals breed around Britain, with numbers increasing by about 7 per cent a year. A grey seal will spend most of its life – which can be up to 40 years long – at sea. Yet they are often seen close to shore. Unlike whales or dolphins, they give birth on land.


Although some breeding grounds may appear in hospitable, that waterproof coat and a thick layer of blubber protects the seals from cold and wet. And the more inaccessible the sites are, the less likely they are to be disturbed by humans. For the meantime, this pup can count on the protection and support of its mother before it goes splashing around independently in the water. But the bond will soon be broken. In a few weeks, when it loses its cuddly white coat, the pup will be abandoned by its mother and sent off to fend for itself.


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