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Drunk sexcapades

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Drunk sexcapades

Nancy Matos

Reader Question: Jordan reportedly fears her recent week-long drunk sexcapades in Ibiza may cost her her kids in her ongoing divorce battle with estranged hubby Peter Andre.

Could you explain “drunk sexcapades”?

My comments: The word “sexcapade” is a combination of the words “sex” and “escapade”, an escapade being “an adventurous action that runs counter to approved or conventional conduct” according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. But you won’t find the word “sexcapade” in that dictionary, as it is a term invented in pop culture to refer to the sexual exploits of people like Jordan, the English former glamour model (i.e. sexually alluring and semi-nude model) and current reality television star.

Add the word “drunk” to “sexcapades” and you can see that according to the media, Jordan’s escapades not only involve sex but also alcohol. And for tabloid journalists at UK papers like “The Sun” and “News of the World”, who have been steadily covering the drama in Jordan’s life after her divorce from pop star (and her reality show co-star) Peter Andre, “drunk sexcapades” make for juicy content and in Jordan’s case most of the time, embarrassing photos.


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About the author:

Nancy Matos is a foreign expert at China Daily Website. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Nancy is a graduate of the Broadcast Journalism and Media program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her journalism career in broadcast and print has taken her around the world from New York to Portugal and now Beijing. Nancy is happy to make the move to China and join the China Daily team.