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外交部官网 2021-03-09 13:46


The Paper: What is China's position on the situation in Myanmar?

Wang Yi: On the situation in Myanmar, China has the following three views:

First, peace and stability are the prerequisite for a country's development. I hope that the relevant parties in Myanmar will keep calm and exercise restraint, act in the fundamental interests of the people, address their differences through dialogue and consultation within the constitutional and legal framework, and continue to advance the democratic transition. The immediate priority is to prevent further bloodshed and conflict, and ease and cool down the situation as soon as possible.

Second, Myanmar is a member of the ASEAN family. China supports ASEAN in upholding the principles of non-interference in internal affairs and consensus building, and mediating in the ASEAN Way to seek common ground. On the basis of respect for Myanmar's sovereignty and the will of its people, China stands ready to engage and communicate with the relevant parties, and play a constructive role in easing the situation.

Third, China and Myanmar are "pauk-phaw" brothers connected by the same mountains and rivers, and are a community with a shared future through thick and thin. China's friendship policy toward Myanmar is for all the people of Myanmar. Over the years, we have maintained friendly exchanges with various political parties in Myanmar, including the National League for Democracy. And developing friendship with China has also been a consensus across all sectors of Myanmar. No matter how the situation evolves, China will not waver in its commitment to advancing China-Myanmar relations, and will not change the course of promoting friendship and cooperation.



Prensa Latina: How does the future of the ties between China and Latin America and the Caribbean hold in the post-COVID-19 scenario? What specific steps will China take to help Latin American and Caribbean countries to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic?

Wang Yi: Last year marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Latin America and the Caribbean. The two sides have stood alongside and supported each other in COVID-19 response and economic recovery. Our cooperation best illustrates that "a bosom friend afar brings a distant land near".

Since the onset of COVID-19, President Xi Jinping has exchanged letters and phone calls with many Latin American and Caribbean leaders to guide our joint efforts to fight the coronavirus and promote economic growth. China has donated over 34 million items of much-needed medical supplies and equipment to 30 Latin American and Caribbean countries, held over 40 video conferences to share experience, and is providing vaccines to 12 countries in need in the region.Our economic and trade cooperation continued to bear fruits in the past year. Two-way trade has exceeded US$300 billion for three years in a row. Exports from the region to China expanded despite the disruptions of COVID-19. According to the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, cooperation with China has become an important driver for economic stability and growth in the region. The pandemic has not hindered our cooperation. Instead, our peoples have grown closer and are bound by broader common interests.

The Chilean poet Pablo Naruda wrote, eternal friendship makes you believe in good things in the world and convinces you that there is a door ready for you to open. China will continue to strengthen friendship and cooperation with our Latin American and Caribbean friends. Together, we will build a community with a shared future between the two sides, and deliver greater benefits to our two peoples.



China Daily on behalf of netizens around the world: We've noticed that some foreign media, especially some in the West, tend to take a selective approach when covering China. It reminds people of the Yan'an days when US journalist Edgar Snow, with his book Red Star over China, first introduced the Communist Party of China to the world. Do you think it's possible to have another Edgar Snow in the foreign media today?

Wang Yi: Let me first take this opportunity to thank friends from the foreign media for your hard work. The media is an important bridge that helps countries communicate with and understand one another. Since COVID-19 started, many foreign journalists have stayed on their post and worked non-stop to help the world know the Chinese people's fight against the virus. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

More than 80 years ago, foreign journalists such as Edgar Snow, Anna Louise Strong and Agnes Smedley came to Yan'an in northern Shaanxi Province, and shared what they saw and felt with the world truthfully. Snow was not a communist. Yet when looking at the CPC, he carried no ideological bias, stayed truthful and objective, and stood by justice and conscience. With admirable professionalism and moral ethics, he devoted his life to enhancing mutual understanding between the Chinese and American peoples. The Chinese people have fond memories of him even to this day.

China today needs to better understand the world, and the world needs to better understand China. However the world changes, the media should stand by their professional ethics. I hope that when reporting on China, foreign journalists will not apply any filter to their camera, beauty or gloomy. Truthful, objective and fair stories will always appeal to people and can stand the scrutiny of history. China hopes to see and welcomes more Edgar Snows of this new era among foreign journalists.



Wang Yi: Before we conclude today's press conference, I wish to bring to your attention one more thing. In one month's time, it will be one year since the lockdown was lifted in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The heroic people of Wuhan and Hubei, bearing in mind the greater good, made enormous sacrifice for a national victory over COVID-19 and contributed significantly to the global COVID-19 response. In April when spring comes, the Foreign Ministry will hold a special promotion event for Hubei. It will present a new Hubei Province that has emerged stronger from the difficulties, and build new bridges connecting it to the world. We hope to have your attention and support.

The press conference lasted one hour and forty minutes.

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