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8. Improving living standards and steadily advancing social development

We will, with a focus on resolving the difficulties of our people, respond
promptly to public concerns and continue working to improve people’s lives.

We will develop more equitable and higher-quality education. We will build an education system that ensures the well-rounded development of students in terms of moral grounding, intellectual and physical ability, aesthetic sensibility, and work skills. We will promote high-quality, well-balanced, and integrated development of compulsory education in both urban and rural areas. We will work quickly to improve the basic conditions of rural schools, refine the long-term mechanism for ensuring salary payments to teachers, and improve the pay packages of teachers in rural schools. We will raise the preschool enrollment ratio, improve the mechanism to support public-interest pre-school education, and support private actors in running kindergartens. We will encourage the diversified development of senior secondary schools and the development of county high schools. We will enhance the adaptability of vocational education, deepen industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation, and implement the system of vocational technical grade certificates. We will provide high-quality special needs education and continuing education, and support the development of private schools in a well-regulated way. We will develop first-rate universities and academic disciplines on a categorized basis, move faster to improve the composition of disciplines and majors, and promote the development of foundational disciplines, cutting-edge disciplines, and emerging inter-disciplinary fields. We will support the development of higher education in the central and western regions. Efforts to promote standard spoken and written Chinese will be stepped up. We will give full play to the advantages of online education, improve the lifelong learning system, and encourage public respect for teachers and public support for education. We will further the reform of educational assessment, improve the mechanism of school-family-society cooperation in educating students, and keep off-campus training well-regulated. We will strengthen the professional ethics and competence of teachers, and make major strides in ensuring equitable education. We will endeavor to provide better schooling for children of rural migrant workers in cities, and continue to have universities and colleges enroll more students from the central and western regions and rural areas. We will ensure that students live healthy and happy lives and that every child has the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

We will improve the healthcare system. We will, with emphasis on prevention, continue to advance the Healthy China initiative and carry out extensive patriotic health campaigns. We will deepen the reform of the system for disease prevention and control, strengthen community-level public health systems, and develop new mechanisms for enhancing coordination between disease prevention and control agencies and hospitals. We will improve the system for responding to public health emergencies and providing emergency supplies, and put in place a mechanism for ensuring stable funding for public health institutions. We will attach greater importance to mental and psychological health. We will advance the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, expand trials on setting up national medical centers and regional medical centers, strengthen the ranks of general practitioners and rural doctors, and improve the capacity of medical services at the county level. The tiered diagnosis and treatment system will be developed at a faster pace. We will support both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and a major project will be launched to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine. We will support the development of private hospitals, and promote well-regulated growth of Internet Plus Healthcare initiatives. We will tighten regulation and supervision of food, drugs, and vaccines. We will take steps to make medical treatment more accessible, such as simplifying medical appointment procedures, so as to ensure that patients with severe, acute, or hard-to-treat diseases receive treatment as soon as possible. Government subsidies for basic medical insurance for rural and non-working urban residents will increase by an average of 30 yuan per person, and subsides for basic public health services will increase by 5 yuan per person. We will promote provincial-level unified management of basic medical insurance funds and realize inter-provincial on-the-spot settlement of outpatient bills through individual accounts for basic medical insurance. We will also develop a general support mechanism for covering outpatient medical bills, and take gradual steps toward reimbursing outpatient bills through unified accounts. We will improve the mechanism for ensuring provision of medicines in short supply and keeping their prices stable. More medicines for chronic and common illnesses and high-priced medical consumables will be covered by bulk government purchases. These are all steps that will lighten the burden on patients by another considerable margin.

We will strive to meet people’s housing needs. Upholding the principle that housing is for living in, not for speculation, we will keep the prices of land and housing as well as market expectations stable.We will address prominent housing issues in large cities. By increasing land supply, earmarking special funds, and carrying out concentrated development schemes, we will increase the supply of government-subsidized rental housing and shared ownership housing. We will ensure well-regulated development of the long-term rental housing market, and cut taxes and fees on rental housing. We will make every effort to address the housing difficulties faced by our people, especially new urban residents and young people.

We will do more to meet people’s basic living needs. We will increase the basic pension for retirees and the subsidies and living allowances for entitled groups, and work toward unified national management of basic old-age insurance funds. As the third pillar, private pensions will develop in a well-regulated way. The national social insurance public service platform will be improved. We will increase the benefits for service members and their families, ex-service members, and other entitled groups, while also refining our work systems and support mechanisms for ex-service members. The coverage of unemployment insurance will be further expanded. We will promote the integration of medical care and health care, and steadily advance trials of long-term care insurance. We will develop public-interest elderly care services and mutual-aid elderly care, as well as infant and child care services. We will develop diversified community services, including elderly care, child care, dining services, and cleaning services, build more supporting facilities and barrier-free facilities, and introduce more preferential policies to make life more convenient for community residents. We will improve traditional services, and provide elderly people and other groups with more comprehensive and considerate services. The rollout of smart services should also cater to elderly people and people with disabilities, so that smart devices do not become a barrier in their daily lives. We will refine the social welfare systems for orphans and people with disabilities, strengthen disability prevention, and provide quality rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. We will provide social assistance of different types at different levels and ensure timely help and support for people in difficulty due to Covid-19 or natural disasters. We are fully determined to ensure that the basic living needs of all our people are met.


We will better meet the intellectual and cultural needs of our people. We will cultivate and promote the core socialist values, carry forward the great spirit forged in the battle against Covid-19 and in the fight against poverty, and
foster civic virtue. China’s press and publishing, radio, film, and television, literature and art, philosophy, social sciences, and archives will continue to flourish. More efforts will be made to ensure the quality of online content through improved management, and to cultivate a positive and healthy online culture. Fine traditional Chinese culture will be preserved and carried forward. China’s cultural and historical artifacts will be placed under effective protection and put to good use, and our intangible cultural heritage will be kept alive. We will build national cultural parks. We will promote integrated development of urban and rural public cultural services and launch new public cultural projects. A love of reading will be fostered among our people. China’s cultural and people-to-people exchanges with other countries will be deepened. The public service system for fitness and physical activity will be improved. We will make meticulous preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing and other major sports events.

We will strengthen social governance and develop new ways to conduct it. We will consolidate the foundations of primary-level governance, improve the governance and service systems for urban and rural communities, and advance trials on modernizing municipal social governance. The social credit system will be improved. We will enhance social services, support the development of social organizations, humanitarian assistance, volunteer service, public-interest activities, and charity. We will protect the lawful rights and interests of women, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. The system for handling public complaints will be further refined and more efforts will be made to resolve social disputes through multiple channels. The provision of legal aid will be strengthened and the eighth five-year plan for increasing public knowledge of the law will be launched. We will strengthen our emergency rescue capacity and disaster prevention, mitigation, response, and relief capabilities. We will make solid efforts to protect against floods, droughts, forest and grassland fires, geological disasters, and earthquakes, and provide quality meteorological services. We will improve and implement the system of accountability for workplace safety, carry out a three-year campaign to promote workplace safety, and take firm measures to prevent serious and major accidents. We will improve the crime prevention and control system, make efforts to combat organized crime and root out local criminal gangs on an ongoing basis, and prevent and punish crimes of all types to effectively safeguard social stability and public safety.


Fellow Deputies,

In the face of new tasks and challenges, our governments at all levels must be
keenly aware of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment with the central Party leadership. We should stay confident in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics; and we should uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole, and uphold the Party Central Committee’s authority and its centralized, unified leadership. We will closely follow the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core in thinking, stance, and action, practice the people-centered development philosophy, keep enhancing our capacity for political judgment, thinking, and implementation, and enforce full and strict Party self-governance. We will carry out activities to study the history of the CPC. We will boost development of a government based on the rule of law, conduct administration in accordance with the law, and ensure transparency in all government affairs. We will work to ensure that law enforcement is strict, procedure-based, impartial, and civil. We will, in compliance with the law, subject ourselves to the oversight of people’s congresses and their standing committees at the corresponding level, and readily submit to the democratic oversight of the CPPCC, public oversight, and oversight through public opinion, while strengthening auditing-based oversight. We will support trade unions, Communist Youth League organizations, women’s federations, and other people’s organizations in better playing their roles. We will work harder to improve Party conduct, ensure clean government, and root out corruption, and continue to implement the central Party leadership’s eight-point decision on conduct. We in government must readily subject ourselves to the oversight of the law, supervisory bodies, and the people. We will intensify efforts to build a clean government and continue to prevent misconduct and corruption.


Although remarkable achievements have been made in China’s economic and social development, we still have quite a way to go and a lot of hard work to do before we can achieve modernization in all respects. We must bear in mind the reality that China is still in the primary stage of socialism and run our affairs well. For all of us in government, the people must always be uppermost in our minds. We must take a fact-based approach, and pursue development and improve people’s lives in a realistic and pragmatic way. We must guard against pointless formalities and bureaucratism and one-size-fits-all approaches in our work, so as to truly lighten the burden on all those working on the ground. We need to remain vigilant, be prepared for adversity, face difficulties squarely, and shoulder responsibility bravely to effectively prevent and defuse various risks and potential dangers. We should keep everyone motivated in advancing reform and opening up, and further energize market entities and unlock social creativity. In the course of pursuing development, we will take steps to address imbalances and inadequacies in development. We must take on responsibility, work hard, and continue creating achievements to meet the expectation of our people.

Fellow Deputies,

We will continue to apply and improve the system of regional ethnic autonomy, and fully implement the Party’s policies on ethnic affairs. We will forge a strong sense of community among the Chinese people and encourage all China’s ethnic groups to work in concert for common prosperity and development. We will fully implement the Party’s basic policy on religious affairs, uphold the principle that religions in China must be Chinese in orientation, and work to guide religions in adapting to socialist society. We will fully carry out the Party’s policies on overseas Chinese affairs, safeguard the lawful rights and interests of Chinese nationals residing abroad, returned overseas Chinese, and relatives of overseas Chinese nationals residing in China. By doing so, we will pool the tremendous strengths of all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation to accomplish remarkable achievements.


Last year, major success was attained in the development of national defense
and the armed forces. Our people’s forces, with complete competence and fine
conduct, safeguarded China’s national security and participated in epidemic
control. This year, we will thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s thinking on
strengthening the armed forces and the military strategy for the new era, ensure the Party’s absolute leadership over the people’s armed forces, and strictly implement the system of ultimate responsibility resting with the chairman of the Central Military Commission. We will, bearing in mind the goals set for the centenary of the People’s Liberation Army, continue to enhance the political loyalty of the armed forces, strengthen them through reform, science and technology and the training of capable personnel, and run them in accordance with the law. The integration of mechanized, informatized, and intelligent development of the military will be accelerated. We will boost military training and preparedness across the board, make overall plans for responding to security risks in all areas and for all situations, and enhance the military’s strategic capacity to protect the sovereignty, security, and development interests of our country. We will improve the layout of
defense-related science, technology, and industry, enhance the defense mobilization system, and strengthen public awareness about national defense. We in government at all levels should vigorously support the development of national defense and the armed forces, and conduct extensive activities to promote mutual support between the civilians and the military, so as to forge an ever closer bond between the people and the military in the new era.

Fellow Deputies,

We will stay true to the letter and spirit of the principle of One Country, Two
Systems, under which the people of Hong Kong administer Hong Kong and the people of Macao administer Macao, both with a high degree of autonomy. We will improve the relevant systems and mechanisms of the two special administrative regions for enforcing the Constitution and the basic laws; we will ensure the implementation of the laws and enforcement mechanisms for the two regions to safeguard national security. We will resolutely guard against and deter external forces’ interference in the affairs of Hong Kong and Macao. We will support both regions as they grow their economies and improve people’s lives, so as to maintain the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao.

We remain committed to the major principles and policies on work related to
Taiwan, to the one-China principle and the 1992 Consensus, and to promoting the peaceful growth of relations across the Taiwan Strait and China’s reunification. We will remain highly vigilant against and resolutely deter any separatist activity seeking “Taiwan Independence.” We will improve the systems and policies for safeguarding the wellbeing of our Taiwan compatriots and ensuring they enjoy the same treatment on China’s mainland as local residents. We will promote exchanges, cooperation, and integrated development across the Taiwan Strait. Together, we can shape a bright future of rejuvenation for our great nation.

China will continue to pursue an independent foreign policy of peace. We will
actively work to develop global partnerships and promote the building of a new type of international relations and a human community with a shared future. We will continue to pursue the policy of opening up and cooperation and work to make the system of global governance fairer and more equitable. We will continue to deepen international and regional cooperation, and actively participate in international cooperation to prevent and control major infectious diseases. China remains committed to pursuing peaceful coexistence and common development with all other countries in accordance with the principle of mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefit. China will join hands with them to meet global challenges and work tirelessly to promote world peace and prosperity.


Fellow Deputies,

As we shoulder heavy responsibilities, we must forge ahead with even greater
resolve. Let us rally more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and push forward in a concerted effort to complete the objectives and tasks for this year and celebrate the centenary of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.
Let each and every of us keep making tireless efforts to build China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful, and fulfill the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

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