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Dorian Gray《道林·格雷》精讲之四

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Dorian Gray《道林·格雷》精讲之四

Dorian: This young lady.

Manager: Miss Sibyl Vane, my lord, in the role of Ophelia.

Sibyl: ...see that noble and most sovereign reason like sweet bells jangled, out of tune and harsh. That unmatch'd form and feature of blown youth blasted with ecstasy. Oh, woe is me.

Manager: May I present the Theatre Royale's Miss Sibyl Vane, my lord?

Gray: I'm not really a lord. I don't know why he keeps saying that.

Sibyl: We don't get many gentlemen in this theatre.

Gray: Really? Well, then, I shall recommend it to them.

Sibyl: May I ask what brings you to my dressing room?

Gray: Well, I...I just happened to be passing the theatre and...Well, you see, I was in the gin shop...

Sibyl: I know.

Gray: You remember? Well, a friend took me there for the first time. Well, I say the first time. Of course, I have...Well, I wanted to... wanted to say hello, but then you left with...

Sibyl: With Jim.

Gray: Yes. Quite. Jim.

Sibyl: My brother.

Gray: Brother?

Sibyl: Mm.

Gray: Well, that's splendid! Sorry. It was wrong of me to... Please forgive my intrusion, Miss Vane.

Sibyl: Wait! There's something you haven't told me.

Gray: Yes, of course. I do beg your pardon. Ophelia is a most challenging role and your performance this evening was...impeccable. In fact, extraordinary. In fact...you are extraordinary. And when I saw you on the stage, and even more so, now I stand before you, I am awestruck and humbled by your radiance.

Sibyl: I meant your name. You didn't tell me your name.


Sibyl: So, how many other girls do you bring here?

Gray: Hundreds. Thousands.

Sibyl: You must be courting dozens at least.

Gray: No.

Sibyl: You can tell me the truth.

Gray: There's only you. There's only you.


Henry: Tell me, what are your actual relations with this young thing?

Basil: A fraction of respect, man.

Gray: It's not like that. Sibyl's sacred.

Henry: It's only the scared things that are worth touching. People nowadays fear their passions.

Gray: Well, I don't.

Henry: Of course you do. We're taught terror from the nursery. Terror of God, or, even worse, of scandal. We're taught to spend our entire lives cowering in self-denial. The truth, Mr Gray, is that every impulse we strangle only poisons us.

Basil: You'll make him wish he'd never mentioned the girl.

Tailor: Well, Monsieur.

Henry: There's something missing.

Gray: Thank you, Harry.

Gray: I took the liberty of filling it with my blend.


Sibyl: Oh, Dorian. It's beautiful.

Gray: I just thought it would suit you.

Sibyl: I should be going. Jim will worry.

Gray: Of course. Or we could...I mean...You could...stay...here...with me. We shouldn't be afraid of our feelings, Sib.

Sibyl: It's just...I've seen other girls who give themselves, and then I've seen what becomes of them.

Gray: I love you. Forgive me. I didn't mean...

Sibyl: You're all I ever want in the world.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. dressing room: 化装室。Dressing table则是“梳妆台”,dressing gown是“晨衣,睡袍”。

2. intrusion: 侵入;闯入;打扰。例如:numerous intrusions on somebody's privacy(无数次地侵扰某人的私人生活)。

3. impeccable: 无可挑剔的,无瑕疵的,完美的。例如:impeccable character(无可挑剔的品德)。

4. awestruck: 充满敬畏的。

5. court: 求爱。影片中Sibyl觉得像Dorian这么英俊的男子可能同时在和几个女人谈恋爱,她有点不相信自己会那么幸运。看一下例子:We used to go there when we were courting.(我们谈恋爱的时候常去那儿。)court还可以表示“设法赢得(某种地位等),求取”,例如:The teacher tried to court popularity by giving his students very little work.(老师给学生布置很少的作业以博得他们的好感。)

6. cower: 退缩,畏缩。例如:We found the kidnapped children cowering in a corner.(我们发现被绑架的儿童畏缩在角落里。)

7. self-denial: 克己,自我牺牲。影片中亨利指人们出于对上帝或对流言的恐惧而克制自己的欲望。

8.strangle: 抑制,压制。例如:Creativity is being strangled by financial pressures.(创造力被经济上的重重压力抑制住了。)

9. take the liberty of doing sth.: 未经许可做某事。liberty指的是“(未经许可的)冒昧行为;放肆,失礼”。请看例子:"Whenever he needs a car he just takes mine, without asking whether I mind." "What a liberty!" (“他一需要用车,就开走我的车,也不问我是否介意。”“真是太过分了!”)

10. become of sb./sth.: (常指坏事)……发生(遭遇)某种情况;结果(怎么样)。看一下例子:Whatever became of that nice girl you used to share a flat with?(过去同你合住一套房子的那个可爱的女孩后来怎样了?)



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