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Dorian Gray《道林·格雷》精讲之五

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Henry: I too have news. It seems my wife is with child.

Gray: Oh, congratulations.

Henry: Don't be absurd. It's the beginning of the end. So, indulge me.

Alan: Ah, Harry.

Henry: Alan.

Alan: Firkytoodling at last, I see. Come along, ladies.

Woman: It's good to see you.

Henry: How delightful.

Gray: Hello.

Henry: Drink up. It won't be long before you're anchored to the perambulator.

Gray: I don't think so.

Henry: Our friend is to marry.

Woman: Ah, but we haven't had a chance to win your heart.

Henry: Oh, well. Farewell to youth.

Gray: No.

Woman: Watch your step.

Gray: Does Victoria know you come here?

Henry: My dear boy, the one charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary.

Gray: Well, perhaps I have a stronger conscience.

Henry: Conscience is just a polite term for cowardice. No civilised man regrets a pleasure. You see? The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Be searching always for new sensations, Dorian.

Woman: Come. Come upstairs.

Henry: Forbid yourself nothing.

Woman: Come.

Henry: Nobody at all need know.

Woman: Come with me.

Dorian Gray《道林·格雷》精讲之五

Henry: The pleasure is all mine. I've heard so much about you.

Sibyl: And I you. Did you enjoy the show? I couldn't see you in the audience.

Gray: I'm afraid we ran a little late.

Sibyl: Oh, where were you?

Henry: At the club. The truth is, my dear, we were celebrating your wonderful news. Very many congratulations.

Gray: And Harry is to be a father.

Sibyl: How wonderful.

Henry: Indeed.

Gray: In one.

Henry: I'm sure you're eager to start a family, too?

Sibyl: Very much.

Gray: Well, not quite yet.

Charlie: Good night.

Sibyl: Good night, Charlie.

Gray: 'Night.

Gray: We're a little young, don't you think?

Sibyl: Are we?

Henry: Perhaps I should take my leave. Good night.

Sibyl: Er...

Gray: See you tomorrow, Harry.

Henry: I'm sure.

Gray: I don't think we need to rush, that's all.

Sibyl: You sound different.

Gray: Not at all.

Sibyl: Were you at the club all night?

Gray: Yes.

Sibyl: He's a better liar than you.

Gray: What? I was just saying everything is so soon.

Sibyl: I gave myself to you. I thought you loved me.

Gray: And I do!

Sibyl: Then make me your wife, not one of your whores!

Gray: I think perhaps I ought to go.

Sibyl: Don't let him do this, Dorian.

Gray: This has nothing to do with Harry.

Sibyl: You said you loved me!

Gray: And I do! I do!

Sibyl: Dorian, please! Please, Dorian! Please, I love you!

妙语佳句 活学活用

1.anchor: (使)稳固,固定。例如:to anchor the roof of house(固定房顶)。影片中Henry告诉Dorian他一结婚就会被牢牢束缚住。

2.perambulator: 婴儿车。

3.conscience: 良心,道德心,是非观念。看一下例子:I had a guilty conscience about not telling her the truth.(我没有告诉她事实真相,心里觉得内疚。)She has no conscience at all about cheating.(她作弊丝毫不觉得良心不安。)

4.yield (to): 投降,屈服。例如:We will never yield to invaders.(我们绝不会向侵略者屈服。)

5. take leave (of): (向……)告别,(从……)离开。看一下例子:She must have taken leave of her senses to do such a stupid thing.( 她一定发疯了,竟会干出这种蠢事。)

6. rush: 仓促行动。看一下例子:It'll take a little while, we can't rush things.(这需要花一些时间,我们可不能仓促从事。)



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