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He's just not that into you《其实你不懂他的心》精讲之五

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He's just not that into you《其实你不懂他的心》精讲之五

Alex: Hey, thanks for staying and helping me clean up. I really gotta go to bed, though.

Gigi: Is that an invitation?

Alex: What?

Gigi: Oh, God, that was cheesy. Oh, I'm not good at this.

Alex: What?

(Gigi jumps upon Alex and kisses him)

Alex: Hey.

Gigi: Oh, yes. I knew it. The best relationships grow out of friendships.

Alex: Wait, wait, wait. Gigi. Wait, wait, wait. What? Now you and I are in a relationship?

Gigi: Well, I'd say if we're not at relationship station-ship, we're at least on the track.

Alex: And why exactly would you think that?

Gigi: Because of the signs.

Alex: Really, like what?

Gigi: Like, it was good to hear from me and...you talked to me even when you were with a girl and...I felt something.

Alex: Oh, man. What are you talking about? Gigi, what have I been saying since I met you? If a guy wants to date you, he will make it happen, okay? He will ask you out. Did I ask you out?

Gigi: No.

Alex: Why would you do this? Oh, shit. Why do women do this? Why do they build up this stuff in their minds, take each little thing a guy does, and then twist it into something else? It's insane.

Gigi: I'd rather be like that than be like you.

Alex: Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean?

Gigi: I may dissect each little thing and put myself out there too much but...at least that means I still care. Oh, you think you've won because women are expendable to you? You may not get hurt or make an ass of yourself that way, but you don't fall in love that way either. You have not won. You're alone, Alex. I may do a lot of stupid shit, but I know I'm a lot closer to finding someone than you are.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. clean up: 清扫,清理。例如:She is cleaning up the kitchen now.(她现在正在打扫厨房。)clean up one's act意思是“改邪归正,重新做人”。

2. cheesy: 庸俗,土气。cheesy还可以表示“质次的,下等的,粗陋的”,例如:a cheesy hotel(低级旅馆);cheesy literature(粗鄙的文学)。

3. dissect: 仔细研究。例如:The lawyers dissected his claim for damages.(律师们仔细分析了他提出的赔偿要求。)

4. expendable: 可牺牲的,可消费的,可消耗的,不值得保存的,通常不再次使用的。看一下例子:In a war anything can be expendable -- equipment or gasoline or men.(在战争中,任何东西都可能被牺牲:装备、汽油或是士兵。)对于艾利克斯来说,女人就像消费品,用完了还有新的,可以轻易被替代。



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