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Busy time for China at UNSC

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Next month will be a busy one for China’s delegate to the United Nations Security Council. There’s a rotating presidency to lead the council, and it is China’s turn to lead the council in January. The president presides over the council for a one-month term.

China’s representative to the council, Zhang Yesui, said yesterday that he will be objective and fair in working with other council members on international peace and security issues. Zhang said one trend in recent years involves the rapid growth of emerging countries. Zhang said this means they have more influence in discussions of international affairs by United Nations committees and councils.

The rotating presidency allows more countries to have a voice on the UN Security Council. China last assumed the one-month presidency in October 2008.


1. Why is China’s representative to the United Nations assuming the presidency of the United Nations Security Council in January?

2. How long will China’s representative be president of the UN Security Council?

3. In what year did China last lead the United Nations Security Council?

For more audio news, visit our website at language.chinadaily.com.cn. I’m Dan Chinoy.


1. The United Nations Security Council rotates the position of president. It is China’s turn to lead the council.

2. The term is only one month to allow all members to lead the council.

3. China last assumed the one-month presidency in October 2008.


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Busy time for China at UNSC

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Busy time for China at UNSC

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