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Aussies welcome Queen Elizabeth

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Crowds of cheering children waving Australian flags welcomed Queen Elizabeth II as she and her husband Prince Philip landed at an Australian air force base on Wednesday in the nation's capital.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Governor General Quentin Bryce, the monarch's representative in Australia, greeted the royal pair, who received a 21-gun salute as they emerged from their plane.

The warm welcome comes despite the ruling Labor Party's desire for the British monarch to be replaced by a president as Australia's head of state. Gillard has said Australia should become a republic after the queen's reign.

But Gillard said she did not believe that debate would mar the monarch's first visit since 2006, when she opened the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

The 85-year-old monarch will travel to four cities and open a meeting of leaders of mostly former British colonies during her 10-day visit.

"While the queen is here in Australia, what Australians will be doing is enjoying and celebrating her presence here," Gillard told reporters hours before the queen arrived.


1. What is the name of the Queen’s husband?

2. How many guns were used in the salute?

3. How old is the Queen?


1. Prince Philip.

2. 21.

3. 85.

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Aussies welcome Queen Elizabeth

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Aussies welcome Queen Elizabeth

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