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Prince Harry rents Harley for Vegas trip

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Those lucky enough to have a brush with Prince Harry during his first trip to Las Vegas say he was as down-to-earth as any other 27-year-old who appreciates a Harley, a night out with friends and a cheap beer.

The weekend rendezvous in Sin City came as the prince is spending several weeks training on Apache helicopters at Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in southern Arizona, about six hours away.

Dan Dvorak of Hacienda Harley-Davidson said the royal showed up in jeans and a

baseball cap when he stopped by an Arizona dealership on Friday to rent a motorcycle.

People magazine reported that Harry - third in line for the British crown behind his father and older brother, William - rented a room at the Wynn Las Vegas, a five-star, 50-story resort on the Las Vegas Strip. Wynn spokeswoman Deanna Pettit says the resort does not comment on guest visits.

The prince's itinerary took an artistic turn the following day. A Cirque du Soleil spokeswoman said Harry's party reserved prime, $178 seats for Saturday's 7:30 pm performance of O.

Show officials said they held the prince and four of his military friends in a VIP room for about 20 minutes before discreetly ushering them to their seats as the curtain rose.

Harry and his party were seen clapping enthusiastically and laughing during the show.

He told show staff afterward that he'd heard O - set at the Bellagio - was the best of the seven Cirque shows in town.

Officials said the prince was impressed with the water effects and contortionists in O, which features acrobats, synchronized swimmers and characters performing in, on and above a giant pool.

He is among 20 students in the British Army participating in a two-month military helicopter training course in the United States.

The training started at the Naval Air Facility at El Centro, California, where students flew Apache helicopters in the desert near the Mexican border. In Arizona, they are firing missiles, rockets and cannons from the Apache helicopters.

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Prince Harry rents Harley for Vegas trip

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Prince Harry rents Harley for Vegas trip

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