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China and US in talks on code of conduct

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China and the United States will hold a working group meeting this week to discuss a military security code of conduct covering international waters and air space, the Ministry of National Defense told China Daily on Tuesday.

Further concerns have been raised over frequent spying by the US along China’s coastline after a “close encounter” last week between a Chinese navy fighter jet and a US Navy reconnaissance plane.

Observers said a code of conduct is needed to avoid friction between the two countries, but no major progress will be made until Washington stops conducting airspace espionage near Chinese territory.

The ministry said that under the consensus reached between China and the US in July, Beijing has sent a delegation to the US, from Monday to Friday, to attend the working group meeting regarding consultations on the code of conduct.

Yang Yujun, spokesman for China’s Ministry of National Defense, said on Saturday that a PLA Navy J-11 fighter jet took off to conduct routine identification and verification work on Aug 19 as a US Navy P-3 and P-8 planes were conducting reconnaissance about 220 km from Hainan Island.

Yang's comments followed an accusation by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby on Friday that an armed Chinese fighter jet conducted a dangerous interception of a US Navy P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft.

Yang said the US accusations against China are groundless, adding, "The US' large-scale, frequent and close reconnaissance is the real source of air safety concerns and possible accidents.


1. China and which other country will meet this week to discuss a military security code of conduct?

2. Why did observers say a code of conduct is needed?

3. Who is the Pentagon press secretary?


1. The United States.

2. To avoid friction between the two countries.

3. John Kirby.

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China and US in talks on code of conduct

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China and US in talks on code of conduct

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