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澳网李娜得亚军 颁奖礼真情告白
Chinese tennis star makes history at Australian Open

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澳网李娜得亚军 颁奖礼真情告白

澳网李娜得亚军 颁奖礼真情告白

Li, who lost to Kim Clijsters of Belgium in three sets (3-6, 6-3, 6-3), is the first player from China to make it to a Grand Slam final.

Chinese tennis player Li Na didn't win the Australian Open championship on Saturday, but she still made the history books.

Li, who lost to Kim Clijsters of Belgium in three sets (3-6, 6-3, 6-3), is the first player from China to make it to a Grand Slam final.

The loss deflated a bit of the feel-good story for China and for Li, who on Thursday defeated No. 1 player Caroline Wozniacki in the semifinals in Melbourne. Li is ranked fifth.

In an interview transcribed on the official Australian Open website, Li said she was proud of her effort.

"I think I play great tennis," she said. "I mean, she play better than me. After the match, back to the locker room, I make joke, tennis should only play one set."

Bai Yan, a member of China's mens' national team member and Li Na's friend, said the loss was disappointing, but still a bright starting point.

"To tell you the truth I feel a little bit down, all of us. But you know she is still the best, she's still our hero in everybody's eyes," said Bai. "This is just the start."

Win or lose, Li's appearance in the Australian Open finals was seen as a major victory for tennis in China, where badminton and table tennis dominate.

Fans across China gathered to watch the match. Li's mother joined fans at a restaurant in her hometown of Wuhan. In Beijing, fans crowded together to watch alongside members of China's national tennis team.

"Tennis is still relatively a new sport in China," said Michael Chang, the Chinese-American who was the first Asian grand slam champion, in an interview with CNN. "To be able to see Li Na have as much success as she has ... this could be the start of something very special for tennis in China."

"Li will definitely change the sport of tennis in China and that is a great thing," Chang said.


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澳网李娜得亚军 颁奖礼真情告白

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