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没有最丑只有更丑 盘点全球最丑网站
'Websites from Hell' is a gallery of the worst designed sites on Earth

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没有最丑只有更丑 盘点全球最丑网站

CandyRomeo bills itself as the first 'dog matrimonial' site in India - to a background of awful Indian rock music, its creators have arranged a garish visual assault of dog photos, animated pooches and neon colours.

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A website has pulled together some of the ugliest web pages on Earth – and they're all still going strong, despite having been designed in the 'good old days'.

Websitesfromhell.net harks back to the nightmarish days when capital letters and fluorescent letters ruled cyber space - often without a picture in sight.

Websitesfromhell.net invites submissions from all over the world only with one condition - that the selection be truly dire.

The site says: ‘You can submit your own website, a website of your ex-client or the page of the rest home from your grandma who slaps you every time you visit her. The only requirement is: the website should be ugly!

‘There is a heavy use of gif images, more frames than you can count, java applets used as navigations, rainbow backgrounds and so on? Yes, that would be a great candidate for hell! Use the submit form! Now!’

The 423 websites include candyromeo.com, which bills itself as the first dog matrimonial website in India. To a background of awful Indian rock music, its creators have arranged a garish visual assault of dog photos, animated pooches and neon colours.

At the bottom of the homepage are two more pictures of dogs - with their eyes animated to look as if they are twinkling.

Webking.com purports to be the homepage of a web designer who will build your own for $99, but the site itself it so bad that only the clueless would employ him.

Aside from the photo of a man wearing a crown in the top corner, there is also an amateurish picture of a castle and lurid bright text scattered throughout.

Another website featured on Websitesfromhell.net is hosanna1.com which purports to be links to ‘the most beautiful pages on the web’. Unfortunately it is so clogged with multicoloured, overlapping text of different colours that it ends up leaving you with a headache.

In the middle there is even a bizarre section which orders the viewer in bright pink capitals: ‘CLICK HERE FOR PUPPIES!!!’

Some of the websites have been changed since appearing on the website, such as Florida-based TNT Events. Before being named and shamed however it had an inexplicable yellow and scarlet colour scheme and text overlayed on top of a picture of its two founders, making the words unreadable.

(Read by Nelly Min. Nelly Min is a journalist at the China Daily Website.)














一些网站在被点名为最丑网页后进行了改良,比如来自佛罗里达州的TNT Events。在其获提名并因此而蒙羞之前,该网站颜色为让人费解的红黄色系,并且顶部两位网站建立者照片之上还叠加了文字,从而导致文字模糊不清。


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good old days: 当年,美好的往日

hark back: 重新提到或想起原先的问题、旧事等

rest home: 疗养院,养老院

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