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6 things French women can teach us about aging gracefully

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Before moving to the New York City area, I lived in London for seven years. During that period, I traveled more than two dozen times to France, a place where five- or six-week vacations are the norm and many people retire comfortably at 60 or younger. I made many wonderful French friends and was more than a little awed at the way they aged so gracefully.

Are they perfect? Of course not. But certainly I admired how so many of them stayed trim while enjoying coq au vin, baguettes, andouillettes, eclairs and fondue while Americans struggled with their weight while gorging on diet soda and Lean Cuisines. I also admired the way they purchased clothes selectively, carried themselves confidently and devoured life every chance they got.

After speaking with a few of these friends, I've come up with a list of six things the French can teach us about aging well. Do you agree? Let us know in comments. And if there are things the Americans can teach THEM about aging, we'd like to hear about that as well.

1) That women of all ages can be the sensual love interests -- and not just the matronly grandmothers -- in popular movies.

Just consider Catherine Deneuve, 69, or Isabelle Huppert, 60, or Juliette Binoche, 49. These and other older French actresses such as Nathalie Baye, 65, and Sandrine Bonnaire,46, continue to nab meaty roles. In an American movie industry dominated more by the teeny-bopper set, it's hard to even name an older sex symbol other than, perhaps, Raquel Welch who's still, at 72, pretty darn sexy.

2) That less is best when it comes to makeup -- but that doesn't mean you should skimp on skincare.

Studies show that French women spend more on facial skincare products than their neighbors in Italy, Spain, Germany or the UK. Overall, nearly two-thirds of French women -- or 62 percent -- use anti-wrinkle products. (In France, a girl will begin applying anti-aging creams as early as age 15.) It's a different story when it comes to makeup. Wearing too much, according to French women, makes you look old.

3) That sex should continue to be important.

Studies show that 90 percent of French women over the age of 50 remain sexually active compared with only 60 percent of American women. But research points to a great interest in sex among those over 50 -- so why not keep it going?

4) That having just a handful of clothing items that fit perfectly is a lot better than having a whole closet full of items that aren't all that great.

American women have a habit of splurging for unnecessary items whereas French women make a habit of purchasing maybe 10 indispensable clothing items each year. French designer Anne Fontaine, known for her white shirts, once told Forbes magazine that "besides a beautiful blouse, every woman should have a great pair of jeans, black pants, a perfect skirt, a perfect little black dress and a jacket for each season."

5) That walking's the best exercise.

French women often look askance at American women who talk about going to the gym. Instead of furiously working out in zumba classes, French women tend to incorporate walking into their daily routines. They take the long way home when walking the dog; they climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. They also reject the notion "no pain, no gain," choosing instead a more sustained -- albeit more moderate -- exercise plan.

6) That what you eat -- and how much you eat -- are of vital importance.

If you've ever dined out with French friends, you'll notice that they eat smaller portions of more dishes -- instead of larger portions of fewer dishes. They eat more vegetables, drink more water and think more about the good things they want to eat rather than fret all the time about the bad stuff. When it comes to drinking, they tend to avoid hard liquor, opting for a glass or two of wine with their meal.






想想69岁的凯瑟琳·德纳芙(Catherine Deneuve)、60岁的伊莎贝尔·于佩尔(Isabelle Huppert)、49岁的朱丽叶·比诺什(Juliette Binoche),还有其他仍担任主演的法国老演员,如65岁的娜塔莉·贝叶(Nathalie Baye)、46岁的桑德琳·邦内尔(Sandrine Bonnaire)。然而,美国的电影行业几乎是年轻男女明星的天下。也许,除了72岁但仍性感十足的拉奎尔·韦尔奇(Raquel Welch),很难再举出个知名性感老演员了。






美国女性会胡乱花钱买些不必要的东西,而法国女性每年也许会购买10件必须的衣服。因其白衬衫而著名的法国设计师安妮·芳婷(Anne Fontaine)曾告诉《福布斯》杂志:“除了漂亮衬衫,每个女人还应拥有超棒牛仔裤、黑色长裤、漂亮裙子、完美黑色小礼服和四季皆宜的夹克衫。”





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